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Space1 Sequential Rocket Flight

Space1 views each touring rocket flight as sequential, a series of steps that must transcend from the beginning of launch (including all steps before the launch) to recovery (and steps after recovery).

The sequence is the same for nearly all Space1 rocket flights and is predetermined.

* Mission Control Initialization
* Launch Tower/Rocket Prep
* Flight Computer On 
* Internal Imaging On
* External Imaging On
* Launch Tower Camera On
* Tracking Camera On
* Ignition Sequence
* Launch
* Window Views Begin
* Vibration
* Thrust Acceleration
* Buffeting
* G-force Experienced
* Rocket Engine Fuel Depletion
* Coasting
* Tourism Views
* Apogee Reached
* Weightless
* Freefall
* Capsule Ejection
* Parachute Deployment
* Micro Beacon Activation
* Return Glide
* Buffeting
* Impact
* Rocket Finder
* Internal Imaging Off
* External Imaging Off
* Landing Inspection
* Imaging
* Recovery
* Launch Tower Retraction
* Return to Hangar/Rocket Lab
* Rocket Reuse Prep
* Engine Removal

Space1 Index

Space1 Spacesuit

Space1 is working on a spacesuit, necessary for space tourism. The suit is currently being designed and manufactured at Space1 Taiwan lab (Space Lab) and facilities.

We expect several design variations with various functions for the missions at hand. Important aspects of the space suit include the following wearable categories:

* Face Helmet
* Body Glove
* Body Plate

These sections are designed to function in unison and react to the space environment, giving the feedback necessary for the space tourist to experience the changing environment. Additional features can include Rocket Vision, which is the ability to extend the vision range of humans during tourist space flight to see more space attractions.

In one example, during the flight, tremendous G force will occur but the space suit will insulate the wearer from the full effects of peak acceleration. The face-plate will allow the astronaut to view through a "space window" to see the the shrinking Earth, and various elements and touring features of space. The body plate will ensure safe level feedback of strong vibration and heavy buffeting from the Safety Rocket. It will also handle the effects of weightlessness and provide more comfort for the space1 tourist.

The key is the wearer will safely experience the sights, sounds, and feelings of the rocket ride throughout touring space from liftoff to recovery and everything in between.

Building the first space suit requires a modular construction and component testing. A new spacesuit computer is being designed to handle the transitions of flight. The space suit computer will function with autonomy and have HW programming in new hard wired language designed specifically for the Space1 suit. The complexity of the original suit is being simplified not only for simple intuitive use but to bring down costs to an essential minimum.

The suit cost reductions will contribute to making space tourism affordable to the largest population in history. It will seamlessly function as part of the safety net, ushering in a new era of space travel, taking science fiction into the territory of science fact.

Space1 Humanoids in Space

What is the effectual gain of using humanoids in space?
How is Space1 integrating humanoid machines into space missions?

Space1 takes humanoids very seriously, integrating a series of artificial clones and unique constructs for conducting various space missions.

The Clone Series is stamped out through modern reproductive means to rapidly deploy a group of pioneering space humanoids whose sole purpose is to serve their human counterparts.

Humanoids have their own version of cryogenic stasis for long duration space flight using a power source and time keeping. Currently Space1 rocket flights are short duration.

Advantages to humanoid use include the following:

* No breathable air needed
* Can withstand extreme G forces
* Can be radiation hardened
* Repairable
* Able to assume space positions
* Capable of space walks
* Require no perishable food
* May be self repairing

* Meticulously follows commands
* Withstands high pressures
* Functions in space vacuum
* Extreme durability
* Mind is downloadable
* Has extreme patience
* No bio-atrophy
* Adaptable to weightlessness

* Can pilot craft
* Can datalog
* Recites/replays missions
* True multitasking
* Group functioning
* Integrates with Mission Control
* Great longevity
* Human companion

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Space1 Rocket Payloads

The primary Space1 Safety Rocket payload is tourists. Our Extra Heavy Lift EHL vehicle is capable of ferrying tourists into space, and also taking scientific packages, flight computers, micro temp satellites, space telescope, swarming craft, space stations and the Space1 Space Plane into space.

Space1 Index

Space1 Rocket Vision

ROCKET VISION  The founder of Space1 has invented Rocket Vision. Rocket Vision is designed for space tourism and transforms other realms into human vision. Objects and space phenomena normally invisible to human eyes become vivid stark reality. This increases the number of fantastic places to visit and remarkable space objects to view during Space1 space tourism.

METHOD  Rocket Vision is intended for real time operations during the touring agenda. Data is captured within the spectral, gravitometric, magnetic and other space boundaries conducive to transformation.

TRANSFORMATION  Transformation can include the bright magnetic bubbles at the edge of the Solar System, the blazing intensive Solar Wind and extended coronas, brilliantly red hydrogen free radicals fully ablaze, blasting bright fire plasma, shooting and streaming particulates, amplified rings, planetary and lunar dynamic auras, and other amazing space phenomena.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Space1 Rocket Tourism Experiences

Source: Wired
One key question is about the sites and experiences for space tourism. We're putting together a beginning list of sites, sounds, and experiences during Safety Rocket touring missions.

Space travel with copilots - 2001 A Space Odyssey style
Experiences - Part 1
* Launch and Lift Off
* Flight Computer
* Buffeting
* Vibration
* Relative Time Experience
* Streaming Data
* Rocket Engine Sounds
* Changes in Acceleration
* Chute Deployment
* GForce
* Weightless
* Dimensional Window Views
* Recession Period
* Receded Earth
* Tourism Photography
* Coasting
* Peak Altitude
* Reentry

Friday, December 25, 2015

Space1 Safety Rocket Made in USA

Space1 founder invents the world's first safety rocket in America
The American founder of Space1 has invented the world's first Safety Rocket, a reusable space traveling vessel designed to keep tourists safe.

Having roots in the USA, Space1 is a bold new venture into the recent private space industry, and has branched out internationally, with spaceport divisions existing in the USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macao. Now exceeding eleven international spaceports, the growing expanding Space1 space agency is readying a mission to launch the world's first Safety rocket, with multiple astronauts, into space using the most unique and technologically innovative system to come along since the inception of the space program in the 1950s. In over 60 years, Space1 is the first to create and bring to fruition a system that had previously only existed in the journals of science fiction. Stay tuned as Space1 will soon reveal what everyone is waiting for.

USA                2
Taiwan             2
South Korea        1
Singapore          4
Hong Kong          1
Macao              1
Total              11

Space1 New Worlds Pluto and Charon

Pluto's fascinating moon Charon, is rich in mineral wealth and on the list for space tourism to new worlds
Speculating about a new faster form of space travel, Space1 envisions a trip to the largest moon around Pluto, Charon.

A trip to Charon would be one of the longest vacationing trips as this moon orbits around Pluto, at the far reaches of the Solar System 3.67 billions miles from the Earth. The New Horizons spacecraft flyby, during July 2015, shows how the moon might look during a space tour. Using current technology, it took New Horizons approximately 9 years to reach destination. With all new flight technology, Space1 tours are expected to be much shorter, some about the time span of a vacation tour ship.

Charon, also called (134340) Pluto I, is the largest of the five known moons of the dwarf planet Pluto. It was discovered in 1978 at the United States Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., using photographic plates taken at the United States Naval Observatory Flagstaff Station (NOFS).

Distance, Pluto's average distance from the Sun is 40 astronomical units (5.91 billion km or 3.67 billion miles). The Earth is only 1 AU from the Sun. When the Earth and Pluto are perfectly lined up with the Sun, their closest point is approximately 28 astronomical units.

New Horizons launched on Jan. 19, 2006; it swung past Jupiter for a gravity boost and scientific studies in February 2007, and conducted a six-month-long reconnaissance flyby study of Pluto and its moons in summer 2015, culminating with Pluto closest approach on July 14, 2015. As part of an extended mission, pending NASA approval, the spacecraft is expected to head farther into the Kuiper Belt to examine another of the ancient, icy mini-worlds in that vast region, at least a billion miles beyond Neptune’s orbit. 

Space1 Rocket Radiation Protection

Giant solar flare prominence poses a radiation threat to space travelers

Trips into deep space and those into the limits of space pose a dangerous threat to astronauts in the form of radiation.

The earth's atmosphere and magneto-sphere helps protect from dangerous radiation from the sun, solar particles, solar flares, xrays, and farther out beyond the solar system - incoming cosmic rays.

Space1 is committed to a perfect safety record and will use space hardened equipment and materials where necessary.

The entire concept of the Safety Rocket is designed to protect astronauts.

Special chosen flight paths using suborbital rockets are conducive to this protection as well.

Even in low Earth orbit, cosmic radiation is nowhere near as harsh as it is elsewhere in the solar system there are benefits from some of the protective effects of the Earth.

Humans will have radiation protection and this includes protecting everything from flight computers to artificial life forms that may also be on board during tourist missions.

The methods of becoming space hardened are not too complicated. For microprocessor chips and boards, and other sensitive devices, small leaflets of lead may be imposed. Water may also surround either occupants or equipment. However, water is heavy and its use is somewhat doubtful.

Another method is the angle of incoming particle rays which will include angular compensation to modify particle dynamics and their trajectories.

A technique known as RM or risk minimization, by limiting the duration of the space flight, can become an important factor as well.

Cosmic radiation originates from various locations in the Universe. HZE particles are the nuclei of heavy elements moving at very high velocities, and are largely created when a star explodes in a supernova. Other high-energy particles are ejected from the sun during events called coronal mass ejections.

* Lead Lining
* AntiRadiation Fabric
* Particle Dynamic Trajectory
* Hydrogen Block
* Water Lining
* RM Risk Minimization

Friday, December 18, 2015

Space1 Profile


Space1 is a bold new space tourism venture, taking you into space in a new and revolutionary way - akin to fantastic dreams and aspirations of science fiction, made into absolute reality.

Space1 has the world's first Safety Rocket to keep tourists safe, and has humanoid presence in futuristic ways never dreamed possible.

Date  Friday December 18, 2015
Founding Date  January 2014
Company Charter  January 2014
Type of Venture  Space Tourism
Type of Organization  Non-Government, Private Enterprise
Time in Operation  2 Years
Corporate offices  USA, Taiwan
Staff  6
Spaceport Locations  USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong
Spaceports  11
Rockets in Fleet  14
Rocket Systems  3
Labs  6
Space Hangar Types  Permanent, Temp, Portable
Rocket Machine Tooling Rooms  2+
Other  Spaceplane, Satellite, Telescope, Tether, Space Station, Space Craft
Features  Safety Rocket, Ejectables, Spacesuit, Space Computers, Humanoids
Media  Email, Space1! Magazines, Two Web Sites, Space1 Bulletins, Charter
Magazines   Issue 1 Jan-Apr 2014, Issue 2 May-Aug 2014, Issue 3 Sep-Dec 2014
Labs  Rocket, Robotics, Weather, Astronomical, Electronics, Quantum, Aeronautical
Positions  Founder, President, CEO, Chief Scientist, Rocket Scientist, Aeronautical Engineer, Spaceport Director, Robotics Engineer, Promoter, Writer, Web Master, Investor
Openings  Overseas Spaceport Director
Logo  Space1, the World's First Safety Rocket, Space Tourism...
Email  space1usa(at)
Web Locations

Typical Rocket Configuration
Capsule for Multiple Astronauts
Spacesuit Required
Parachute Return
Onboard Flight Computer
External Electronic Window
Pressure Manifold
Single Engine Per Stage
Single or Multiple Stage
Reusable Rocket
Launch Tower

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Space1 Free Space Flight

a once in a lifetime promotion

Face it, thus far, going into space as a space tourist is not a very affordable proposition. Some space companies are charging on the average at least US$250,000 per person. From there, the cost per person goes into the millions of dollars. This makes space available only to the rich. And this is no bargain because for that price, it's not entirely safe. Space planes and rockets have blown up, killing astronauts.

Space1 is changing all that. How we go into space will become affordable, safe, and available. Although Space1 is taking ticket reservations, the founder of Space1 has a new idea, to make space tourism available free to the first pioneering astronauts in our program.

The Promotion: Space1 is now accepting applications to go into space as a pioneering space tourist, inside Space1's Safety Rocket. We've decided the first ten selected astronauts will go up free! Get in on the deal of the century and go down in history as one of the first in our revolutionary new way to explore space.

Space1 Index

Space1 Email & About

Space1 New Web Presence

Space1 Free Space Flight

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Space1 Index

Space1 Industries Contact


Conducted by Humanoido
This is the new Space1 web index. The index is chronologically sorted by date and is divided into monthly topics. Pages are tracked by blog search, google search, links, and indices.

This is the complete index which includes the founding pages at the Big Brain web site and the new Space1 web site. Space1 blogs at the Big Brain site began in January 2014 and continued at the new Space1 web site beginning December 2015. Numerous space posts prior to the founding of Space1 in 2014 exist within the Big Brain web site and are S1 precursors. These may undergo indexing in the future.

Listings are generally from the oldest to the newest posts. We have now added running totals to more easily keep track of post frequency. The running total number is found according to this example. The number of posts for the month appears in parenthesis. The running post total appears after the hyphen. See this example.

JANUARY 2014 (02) - 2
MARCH 2014 (09) - 11

Space1 Master Index
436 pages, updated Wednesday February 21, 2018
The Master Index includes all posts from the Space1 web site and is currently kept up to date within a reasonable time frame.

Find additional historical site search indices listed below. 

Big Brain Index of Space
Created May, 2017. The collection of indexed links and topics spans a time period of six years. The posts are from 2012 to 2013 inclusive prior to the founding of Space1 in 2014. These early posts include Humanoido's Space Programs - the Micro Space Program, Next Space Program and Near Space program. This index is outstanding for tracing pre-conditions, ideas, designs, machines and inventions existing prior to the founding of Space1 in 2014.

Space1 Index by Date

Created Nov. 2015. Old Chronological Date Index (posts appear in the Big Brain Blog). Inclusive from Tuesday, November 10, 2015 to Jan 2014 to Nov 2015.

Space1 Web Content Links in January 2015 (by topic)
Created January 3rd, 2015

Space1 Timeline
Created November 2016. A time line to record the entire history of Space1 and its major developments.

First Space1 Index (posts appear in the Big Brain Blog)
Created March, 2014. From January 2014 through March 2014. This is the first Space1 index created.

Space1 First Year of Operation
Created January 2015. A detailed database of things accomplished in the first year.

Space1 Profile 2015
Space1 Profile 2016
Space1 Profile 2017


JANUARY 2014 (02) - 2
Tiny Space Station
SpaceOne Company

MARCH 2014 (09) - 11
SpaceOne Index March 2014
SpaceOne Aerospace Observatory
SpaceOne International Space Lab
SpaceOne! Magazine
SpaceOne Time Travel Dilation
SpaceOne Striated Rocket Casing
SpaceOne Intl Rocket
SpaceOne Sets Records
Lab Science Tech Update

APRIL 2014 (06) - 17
Elements of SpaceOne Time Travel Machine
Configuring SpaceOne Time Travel Machine
Spaceone Referential Time Travel Invention
SpaceOne Unveils Space Rocket
SpaceOne Safety Rocket Invention
SpaceOne Elects President

MAY 2014 (01) - 18
Space1 Update 2014

JUNE 2014 (06) - 24
Space1 Magazine Issue #2
Space1 Rockets
Momentum Rocket
Space1 Space Station
Space1 Rocket Science Team
Big Brain Evolution into Space1

JULY 2014 (02) - 26
Space1 Magazine Issue 2
Space1's Micro Spacecraft

SEPTEMBER 2014 (05) - 31
Space1 New Rocket Laboratory
Space1 Magazine Issue 3
Space Machine
Space1 Presidential Meeting

OCTOBER 2014 (01) - 32

DECEMBER 2014 (05) - 37
Lab Uprooting
Humanoido Lab Links
Multi-D Invention for Space1
Space1 Rocketeer Changes
President Meeting in Seoul South Korea

JANUARY 2015 (27) - 64
Space1 Web Content Links In January 2015
Space1 Singapore Spaceport
Space1 South Korea Rocket SpacePort
Space1 Rocket No Fire Mastic
Space Place SP
Atomic G-Force Absorber
Space1 Safety Rocket Stops Danger
Space1 Milestone Safety Rocket
Space1 Rocket Shuttle
Space1 Test Spacecraft
Space Pace SP
Space1 Space Tourism Notes & Comments
Space1 Definition & Space Tourism
About Space1 from the Founder
Space1 Singapore
SpaceOne Space1 Name Change
Space1 In Singapore
Space1 First Year of Operation
Space1 Holds Tele Summit Meeting
Space1 USA Meeting Space Workshop
Space1 2015 Talks
Space1 January 2015 Update
Space1 Update 2015
SpaceOne Space1 Name Change
Space1 Logo Collection
Rocket Space Fire Debate - Focus on Greece
Space1 Era

FEBRUARY 2015 (11) - 75
Space1 Book
Space1 Alien Egg Matter Discovery
Space1 Diversified Rocket Propulsion
Space1 Living Rocket Invention
Space1 - Model Space Program Part 1
Space1 Model Space Program Part 2 Rocket Parts
Space1 President & Rockets in France and Italy
Space1 Engineering Space
Space1 One Year Anniversary Commemorative Coin
Space1 Intelligent Space Lifeforms
Space1 Spaceport Bonanza - Rockets in South Korea ...

MARCH 2015 (01) - 76
Space1 Hong Kong Spaceport

APRIL 2015 (01) - 77
Space1 Tourism & Black Hole Eggs

MAY 2015 (02) - 79
Lab Update May 10th 2015
Space1 Giant Technology Move to USA

JULY 2015 (13) - 92
New USA Space1 Rocket Lab
Space1 Rocket Iron Man
Space1 Ejectables Fly Like Iron Man
Space1 Iron Man Rocket
Space1 Fantastic Rocket Technology
Space1 Rocket Safety Motors
Space1 Booster Rocket
Space XRocket Xmotor
Space1 Secret Rocket Program
Space Booster Rocket & Glider
Space1 Ticket Into Space
Space1 USA Reboot
Space1 Massive Rocket Engine

AUGUST 2015 (04) - 96
Space1 Rocket Space Tourism Update
Space1 Cost of Rocket Space Tourism
Space1 Transformer Rocket
Space1 Designs New Rocket Lab

NOVEMBER 2015 (16) - 112
Space1 Index by Date
Space1 TransHuman Injection
Space1 Future Phase - Landing on the Moon & Beyond
Space1 Secret Rocket Space Hanger - Part 1
Space1: USA Government to Control Drones
Space1 Moon Lunar Travel Maps
Space1 History of Lunar Mapping - Keep it Secret o...
Space1 Rocket Alternatives of Going Into Space
Space1 Shirt
Space1 Quantum Lab
Space1 Update November 2015
Space1 Modified Hadron Collider
Space1 Space Suit
Space1 Temperature Winter Climate Rocket Launch
Space1 Enterprise Minimalist Approach
Space1 Basis Robotics System

DECEMBER 2015 (14) - 126
Welcome to Space1
Space1 Web Presence
Space1 Index
Space1 Free Space Flight 
Space1 Profile
Space1 Rocket Radiation Protection
Space1 New Worlds Pluto and Charon
Space1 Safety Rocket Made in USA
Space1 Rocket Tourism Experiences
Space1 Rocket Vision
Space1 Rocket Payloads
Space1 Humanoids In Space
Space1 Spacesuit
Space1 Sequential Rocket Flight

JANUARY 2016 (18) - 144
Space1 Time
Space1 Space Romance
Space1 Nano Supercomputer
Space1 Invention Space paper
Space1 Q&A Space Paper SP
Space1 Space Weather Station
Space1 DARA
Space1 Rocket Size
Space1 Rocket Ground Station
Space1 Rocket Tracking
Space1 Listening to Rockets
Space1 Letters from the Founder
Space1 Secret Rocket Space Plane
Space1 Touring Time
Space1 Touring Clouds through the Troposphere
Space1 Touring Time
Space1 Secret Rocket Space Plane
Space1 Programming Rockets

FEBRUARY 2016 (2) - 146
Space1 Powerful Rocket Test
Space1 Radio Rocket Sky Broadcast

MARCH 2016 (4) - 150
Space1 Rocket Ground Base
Space1 Rocket Micro Base Station Cat's Pajamas
Space1 March Update
Space1 Massive Drone

APRIL 2016 (3) - 153
Space1 Smallest Rocket CAM in the World
Space1 Relocation
Space1 Autonomous Space Center
Space1 Spring Update
Space1 Alien Presence

MAY 2016 (3) - 156
Space1 Penguin Robot Brains
Space1 Tiny Space Shuttle
Space1 Technology Star Ship Effect

JUNE 2016 (0) - 156
JULY 2016 (0) - 156
In June and July, international work in the USA was very busy and proceeded on the space hangar, housing, communications, property development, painting, reinforcements for gail wind, construction of amenities, international travel passport, tools & materials acquisition, construction of a new small transport vehicle, and the continuing development of the Corporate Office. No posts were made in June and July of 2016.

Summer weather was very uncooperative for rocket launches and construction work with strong whole gale force wind, extremely hot temperatures, mosquito swarms carrying West Nile Disease, and continuing high humidity alternating with rain every other day. Launch fields remained wet, muddy, and not available.

Strong humidity protected launch fields from fire hazards but curtailed rocket launches due to thick ground mud, and prevented high peaking altitudes due to unusually high dense atmospheric pressure.

A new computer system, backup and wireless color printer peripheral was purchased and installed along with WIFI, modem, transmitter and security cameras. The internet remains engaged 24/7 and enables monitoring from any location in the world.

An autonomous robot with machine intelligence was brought into the main structure and equipping the rooms ensued. The Hangar was rebuilt and reinforced for improvements in handling weather and high wind. The space property and security was maintained and service housing was upgraded. Equipment was added to the maintenance division.

During this time, the rocket fleet of 15 along with their powerful engines were kept active. These were moved and rotated to a new location. The shuttle rocket and the most powerful long range rocket were put into performance and study programs to upgrade their potential for staging. Altitude studies were accomplished, along with a great deal of assembly effort put on the space car for launch complex use.

AUGUST 2016 (2) - 158
Space1 Portable Space Hangar PSH
Space1 Rocket Launch Update 2016

SEPTEMBER 2016 (4) - 162
Space1 Quad Power Rocket
Space1 Transmutational Rocket Lab
Space1 June & July
Space1 Rockets & Space Program

OCTOBER 2016 (9) - 171
Space1 Founder Letter November 1st 2016
Space1 Minuscule Rocket MR
Space1 Tandem Rocket Controller
Space1 Rocket Guidance System Classification
Space1 Big Brain Elected Member
Space1 Staff Changes
Space1 Space Union
Space1 What happened in June & July 2016?
Space1 Union Expansion

NOVEMBER 2016 (26) - 197
Space1 Mystery of the Gold Rocket
Space1 Rocket Transformer
Space1 Machine Intelligence
Space1 Machine Intelligence Expansion 
Space1 Meeting November 13
Space1 Space Life
Space1 Timeline
Space1 Space Car One
Space1 Genderless Plan
Space1 Update November 2016
Space1 Flat Space Station FSS
Space1 Secret Space Program
Space1 Infinitesimal Weight Machine
Space1 President Trump & Space
Space1 Member Organization
Space1 Little Space Humanoid
Space1 Electronic Motor
Space1 Information Center 
Space1 Supertronic Application
Space1 Machine Time Travel
Space1 Profile 2016
Space1 Space Time Travel
Space1 Dead Humanoid - Long Space Journey
Space1 Genesis Seed Space Program
Space1 Synthetic Humans
Space1 Shrinking Astronauts

DECEMBER 2016 (12) - 209
Space1 Humanoid Robot Website
Space1 Humanoid Robots
Space1 Press Release
Space1 Companies Merged
Space1 Controlled Air Space
Space1 Seal 2017
Space1 Homes for Machine Life
Space1 Silicon Employee Storage Stasis Slot
Space1 Adiabatic Earth Motor Specifications
Space1 Employs Machine Brains
Space1 Referential Time Machine The Next Generatio...
Space1 Time Travel Anomaly

JANUARY 2017 (00) - 209
SPACE1 was very busy in January 2017 with travel to Shanghai China, the purchase of a new humanoid, sensors, servos, and a new pc computer. The computer is known as the Star Trek computer for its Enterprise look and futuristic touch screen and functions. It may be the computer to revive retro software for other humanoid robots for consideration as robonauts for upcoming space missions. It introduces the PC computer as a wireless WIFI big brain and controller for JD and its siblings. This month saw the design and construction of several robots, including JD, JD JR, and JD Big Mouth, robotics software installation, troubleshooting, and the designs of new space inventions including a new Delta Wing Flyer, in borne rocket space station, lossless air lock, and a new style safety rocket that incorporates two Delta Wing Flyers as rocket fins and the internal in borne space station. It was so busy, no blogs or posts were produced, although several memos, bulletins and emails with updates were written. A Mini iPad 4 was purchased for use as a mobile humanoid robot controller and software was installed. Robotics courses were continued for a Master's Degree and the Humanoid Robotics and Computer Lab was expanded.

FEBRUARY 2017 (13) - 222
Space1 Lossless Air Dock
Space1 Humanoido Directive
Space1 Humanoid Lineup
Space1 Delta Wing Flyer
Space1 Space Humanoids
Space1 Space Station Developments

MARCH 2017 (04) - 226
Space1 Space Hologram Division
Space1 Space Profile
Space1 Holodeck
Space1 Meet Tom Swift Humanoid Space Robot

APRIL 2017 (17) - 243
Space1 Humanoid Robot Size
Space1 China Shanghai Survey
Space1 Rocket Drop Tests
Space1 April 2017 Meeting Report
Space1 Solar System GGT Telescope Spies Saturn
Space1 Missions Begin
Space1 Focus of Infinitesimal Time
Space1 Lunar Outpost
Space1 Space Station SSS
Space1 Celebrates the ISS International Space Station
Space1 Delta Wing Flyer Views & Operation
Space1 Photographic Lunar Atlas
Space1 Presidential Meeting
Space1 Dynamic Propulsive Engine Thrusters
Space1 Delta Wing Flyer Emergence
Space1 Seasonal Space
Space1 Current, New & Impending Systems

MAY 2017 (31) - 274
Space1 Logo 2017
Big Brain Index of Space
Space1 Folding Space
Space1 President Trump
Space1 Transformation
Space1 Types of Space
Space1 Rocket Body
Space1 Space Type
Space1 FQ 2017 Update
Space1 Earth observation Center
Space1 Artificial Intelligence Art Gallery
Space1 Earth Space Workshop
Space1 Space Station V2
Space1 Creating New Technology
Space1 Dome City
Space1 Era of Century Projects
Space1 iSobot Humanoid Telescope Repair in Space
Space1 Universal Dome Station Hard Shell
Space1 Photonic Deepest Space
Space1 Protractor Space Construction 2040
Space1 The Next Step In Hiring
Space1 Humanoid Prepares for Space
Space1 Universal Station Dome
Space1 Space Schedules Mars & Beyond
Space1 Photonic Class Ship
Space1 Space Station 2200
Space1 Thermionic Penetrator
Space1 Photonic Penetrator
Space1 Protractive Ring
Space1 Opening the Quantum Space Door
Space1 Life on Stars

JUNE 2017 (30) - 304
Space1 Micro Space Rocket
Space1 First Spaceport
Space1 Gender
Space1 Space Grappler
Space1 City in the Sky
Space1 Celestial Navigation
Space1 Herculean Rocket Engin
Space1 Rocket Engine Bolt On
Space1 One Small Step Program
Space1Universal Rocket Staging
Space1 New Logo May 2017
Space1 Promotion
Space1 Rocket Launches
Space1 Dead or Alive
Space1 Rocket Designs
Space1 Multi Spectral Rocket Development
Space1 Rockets 2017
Space1 Large Rocket Time Travel
Space1 History First Test Rocket 2014
Space1 Contact
Space1 Signup
Space1 Quantum Singularity Quadlyzer

Space1 Artificial Planet World
Space1 SkyPort Drone Spaceport
Space1 Brain in a Brain
Space1 Astronaut Jobs
Space1 Cost of Space Tourism
Space1 Women In Space
Space1 Prodigy Mission
Space1 Infinitesimal Time Machine
JULY 2017 (19) - 323
Space1 New Space Worlds
Space1 Polynomial Warp Space Flight
Space1 Polynomial Space Realm
Space1 Outer Rim
Space1 Data Cards
Space1 Electric Engine
Space1 Rocket Control
Space1 Rocket Fuel Study
Space1 Tropical Space Ports
Space1 President Meeting in Hong Kong 2017
Space1 Chaser Drones
Space1 Rotational Dimension Space Craft
Space1 Rotational Space Dimension
Space1 Digital Perambulator
Space1 Humanoid Robot Launch Director
Space1 Anatomy of a Space Capsule
Space1 Space Power Remote
Space1 Logo History
Space1 Safety Rocket Simulated First Launch

AUGUST 2017 (14) - 337
Space1 Bod Beaming
Space1 Rocket Protraction
Space1 Drone Programming
Space1 Drone Lab
Space1 Rocket Space Beaming
Space1 First Flights Humanoid Clone Army
Space1 DARA Wins Global Award 2017
Space1 Idea Lab
Space1 Transporter Components
Space1 Transporter Completed
Space1 Heat Cancellations
Space1 Heat Index
Space1 First Rocket
Space1 Rocket Assembly Line

 SEPTEMBER 2017 (06) - 343
Space1 2017 USA Expansion
Space1 Multiplicity Transport Pillar
Space1 The New Powers
Space1 Manifestation Interface
Space1 Invisible Rocket Technology
Space1 Space Humanoid Mind Control

OCTOBER 2017 (01) - 344
Space1 Ballistic Helmet

NOVEMBER 2017 (03) - 347
Space1 Rotational Space Dimension Element
Space1 Rotational Space Dimension Projects
Space1 Think Tank

DECEMBER 2017 (11) - 358
Space1 Opening the Door to Space
Space1 2018 LOGO
Space1 2018 Rocket Compatibility
Space1 China Rocket
Space1 2018 Rocket Flight Time
Space1 2nd Rocket Level
Space1 New Rocket Specs
Space1 in 2018
Space1 Big Rocket
Space1 2017 Changes
Space1 2017 Drone Division

JANUARY 2018 (31) - 389
Space1 Hexcopter Sky Rocket Pad
Space1 Drone Rocket Launch
Space1 Pioneer Rocket Nozzel
Space1 Tangle Free Rocket Parachute
Space1 Dream Launch Pad
Space1 Ordering System
Space1 Chinese Rocket Construction Resumes
Space1 Rocket Complex
Space1 Luxury Rocket Industry
Space1 Largest Number of Rocket Launches
Space1 USS Pioneer Rocket
Space1 First Kinematic Rocket
Space1 S1 Rocket Engine
Space1 Corporate Office
Space1 Chinese Engineering Rocket Department
Space1 Wisdom Lab Move
Space1 Rocket Tour Package Analysis
Space1 USS Pioneer
Space1 Rocket Ramifications
Space1 Rocket Launch Pad
Space1 Most Powerful Rocket Engine
Space1 Chemical Rocket Fuel
Space1 Launching Systems
Space1 Adventure
Space1 Tour
Space1 Officers
Space1 Founder Interview
Space1 Safety Record
Space1 Ban
Space1 Rocket Contracts
Space1 USS Pioneer Rocket Convention

FEBRUARY 2018 (27) - 416
Space1 Parachute Test
Space1 Reach for Space Program
Space1 First Tourists Go Up
Space1 Multi Rocket
Space1 Obsoleting Old Space Technology
Space1 Short Term Satellite
Space1 Updating Spaceports
Space1 Journey to Space
Space1 Monster Captured
Space1 Rocket Tank Reinforcement
Space1 Monster Attack
Space1 Rocket Refueling
Space1 Rocket Fuel Injection & Potonic Hydroxil Ac...
Space1 Robot Name Convention
Space1 Rocket Molecular Vision
Space1 Space Travelers Nort & Unary
Space1 Precipice of Tomorrow
Space1 Astrobot Size
Space1 Windowless Rocket Window
Space1 AI 2018 Update
Space1 Rocket Heat Dimension Vision
Space1 Space Tour List
Space1 Rocket Flight Computer
Space1 Research & Investigation
Space1 Power
Space1 Chromatosphere
Space1 Precurser Mars Rocket Flight

MARCH 2018 (20) - 436
Space1 Spotlight on Genetically Altered Humans
Space1 USS Pioneer Heavy Rocket Fairing
Space1 USS Pioneer Rocket Payload Tesla
Space1 USS Pioneer Turbocharged
Space1 Genetically Altered Humans
Space1 USS Pioneer Rocket Checklist
Space1 Ark
Space1 Humano Spaceman
Space1 Fuel Pressure Tank Tests
Space1 Instrument Leader
Space1 Genetic Engineering Astronauts
Space1 Rocket Blast
Space1 Space Genetic Engineering Lab
Space1 Rocket Power
Space1 Rocket Transparency
Space1 S1 Engine Fuel Test
Space1 Rocket Assembly
Space1 Rocket Return Flight
Space1 Rocket Torus
Space1 Redactable Space Suit