Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Space1 Technology Star Ship Effect

Exampling transform of technology
Space1 has surpassed itself in the design and invention of technology. The technology star ship effect can be described like this: culture invents a star ship and sends it out on a mission. But during the time span of that mission, a newer star ship is created with greater technology, and is also sent out, whereupon it catches up to the original ship and surpasses it.

Space1 has reached this same nodal point in the development of new technology. The design includes a way to quantize the matter stream and send it into space through beaming. It's this matter stream that has another science added to it, that of storing and programming matter which is critically important to the mission. Most remarkable is the testing that has been performed to show matter data can be compressed and sent along with the space time stream. If the face value of these cards is correct, it too will change the future of space flight, and how people travel into space.

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