Sunday, June 20, 2021

SPACE1 Hiring

SPACE1 Hiring

Contact Humanoido for detailed information and to submit your CV. A desired background in space sciences, interests in cosmology, astronomy, telescopes, space, time, space time, astronomical equipment, advanced science experiments, more.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Massive Orbital Launch


ABOVE: Located at the top of this very tall skyscraper, SPACE1 Corporate office and corporate officers were immediately notified of the impending launch.

Massive DYNO Launch
Three days ago, the sky opened up to a remarkable seasonal clearing and SPACE1 Industries sprung into action to work towards the launching of a massive Dynamonic systems fully equipped test spacecraft (abbreviated DYNO) into the vast realm of contiguous space and the Solar System

The successful endeavor included advanced retrofitting, accessorizing, navigation, tracking, positioning with event timing, and mission dependent fulfillments necessary for successful Dynamonic space travel. Then, the following two days it rained cats and dogs, after concluding the tests.

The big Dyno will be used as the principle vehicle of travel through the Solar System, the Moon and Mars, and on to interstellar space. With its fractional light drive, Dyno is the fastest craft ever conceived by SPACE1 Industries, and is intended to take humanity to new places in space and time.

SPACE1 is currently working on methods of colonization using DYNO techniques. We are interested in safely colonizing Ganymede, a large moon with many resources orbiting around Jupiter. Ganymede has ice and an ocean of water to sustain future missions.

Humanoido is preparing for the Ganymede mission and has already defined the parameters for the space time travel protection bubble which obsoletes spacesuits for space travel. Unlike Elon Musk at SpaceX, Humanoido at SPACE1 is not using massive engines that require Methalox fuel and starships that travel far below subfractional light speed. Humanoido's next generation starship takes the next step into space time propulsion and garners in all the advantages of subfractional light speed and safety.

Singularity Bubble

Orbital Launch on Standby

Dynamonic Reorganization

Collosal Dynamonic Slipstream Dimension

The Ganymede Mission

SPACE1 Preparing Next Launch

Multiplex Reality Spacecraft

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Construction Cranes at the Launch Site

Massive Industrial Construction Cranes at the Launch Site
These are typical construction cranes for this locality, used at the launch site and vicinity. From top to bottom, the largest MegaLift, Behemoth, and Dueling Matches.

— the space industry is rapidly changing and evolving with the winds of science and technology —

 (Showing several cranes out of many) Construction work is moving extremely fast in the launch site mega complex and is highly competitive. Construction crews are working around the clock. For night work, the cranes have FAA red and/or white warning light systems installed on top for low flying aircraft warning. Structural towers are steel constructed lattice work. The leftover massive construction cranes are available for lease.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Spacesuit Laid to Rest

SPACE1 Spacesuit Laid to Rest in Torn Shredded Obsoletion
SPACE1 has obsoleted the traditional spacesuit and discontinued it in favor of the advanced Dynamonic space travel system

Ever since the invention of the Dyno - Dynamonic space travel system, with the ability to enter into a completely protective singularity forward time bubble and traverse ravages of the space time continuum with complete safety, SPACE1 has dropped the requirements for using spacesuits.

This will save the company approximately 25 to 60 million dollars by not developing a space suit.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Changing the Phase of Space

Changing the Phase of Space Technology & Space Stations
SPACE1 Industries officially entered the private industry race to space during its founding on January 2014 when it began launching larger and larger rockets and inventing new aerospace systems. Over six years, evolution has taken place using extreme technology that has changed the face of space travel and exploration. At this time, Humanoido at SPACE1 Industries has introduced a new way to travel into near and far reaches of space and time.

The phase of SPACE1 has changed and evolved considerably over the time span of the founding on January 2016  to the present day. The first space station had a physical presence launched into station keeping of modified space-time using high technology and a recycled rocket body. Today, the entire space program has evolved to the concept of the Dyno, an Electro Mag system that challenges travel through fractured light speed. The phase of the entire space program has changed based on these extreme technology pockets of SPACE1 Industries evolution. The space station is transformed into revolutionary constructs using Dynamonic systems.

The new space station is in itself a singularity from which all space and time data is focused. A human can live inside this space station singularity bubble and process the space data. The singularity is passed through the Dynamonic system. An individual space traveler can live in this singularity from a perspective of derived space-time. The singularity can be juxtaposed in position and extreme technology allows recording and record-keeping of the event horizon.

This singularity has time event passage context inside a time bubble formed by the Dyno and Dynamonic Space, where time is dependent and directly proportional to the distance of the spatial environment. This process will jump start time to a new era in the forward time flow direction (forward time). Traveling Dynonauts will experience this new time relative to the spatial environment.

New Relative Technical Vocabulary
Dynamonic Craft
Dynamonic Space
Dynamonic Dimension
Dynamonic Travel
Fractured Light Speed
Proportional Light Speed
FTL Relativity
Singularity Bubble
Event Horizon
Spatial Environment
Extreme Technology
Spatial Data
Station Keeping
Modified Space-Time
Forward Time

Friday, May 28, 2021

Orbital Launch on Standby

The power and glory of a SPACE1 launch system is a sight to behold

Massive Orbital Launch on Standby
As the weather percolates through its many varied seasonal cycles, SPACE1 has prepared the most massive and comprehensive manned orbital test flight ever conceived and is preparing to send it into the deepest unknown realms of Solar System space to unravel the cosmic mysteries that have existed since the beginning of time

SPACE1 INDUSTRIES Flight Dynonomic 10 has millions of dollars invested, with new equipment and gear to not only navigate the slipstream of deep space, but to go farther and faster than anyone has gone before. Humanoido's Fractional Light Speed spacecraft makes such missions possible.

Funding SPACE1 privately, Humanoido has invented and developed one of the most powerful and safest convenient space travel systems in the history of manned space flight. Enter into the Dyno or Dynamonic space travel system for the greatest convenience, fastest flight times, and a time frame of rapid reusability.

— with missions continuing to the Southern side of the Moon, flights to Mars every two years, and a very deep space mission to moon Ganymede around the largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter —

 Ganymede is the largest moon in the Solar System, trumping Earth's Moon with a more suitable amount of gravity and a large ocean of water under the ice crust. SPACE1 is preparing a new kind of habitation base on this remote moon for occupation of an unspecified amount of time. Scientific missions will include a deep space relay telescope, CR habitation, global character selection orbital perspective penetration mapping and the development of a new cartography division. Heat may be experimentally extracted from massive gravitational units which flex under nearby Jupiter's great gravitational fields and frictionally produce free heat and electricity to energize the colony and to melt the ice crust for water extraction.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

SPACE1 Dynamonic Reorganization

SPACE1 Dynamonic Reorganization

The efficiency of the Dynamonic Space Travel System is thousands of times more efficient compared to the previous systems

For the reason of optimization, the entire SPACE1 task force can be reorganized into a more efficient operating system.

Along with the AI supercomputer, the task force operating the mission can entail up to a total of three specialists. Mission duties involve keeping tabs on tracking, guidance, flight, imaging, data, programming, recording, monitoring light speed, mission parameters, and navigating.