Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Space1 Rockets & Space Program

Who will reach distant planets first to colonize and claim rich resources?
The space race has taken off between private companies! It's fantastic news of course that more companies are designing and creating rockets for space, but it's not a safety rocket in each example. Only S1 has the safety rocket and we keep our design details under wraps and a guarded secret.

More than 1200 new planets are up for grabs to space companies that can successfully use their technology to not only get there first but land and exploit planetary resources. It's envisioned that robotic humanoid colonies will appear first, constructing and developing the infrastructure for civilization.
We hope to have more rocket launches during FQ1 of 2017 at the new launch site and take more of the first registered batch into space as our world class privileged and history making tourists. Out of our hundreds of launches, every rocket has remained safe, and there are no blow ups whatsoever. We have a perfect track record.

Indeed SpaceX and others need more heavy lift cargo rockets that don't blow up. Their rocket technology is brutally not stable or safe, having blow ups and mishaps where people are killed. Until they change their rocket designs from ages past, it will not be totally be safe. We see many of the new space companies only change the fuel type and that does not make anything safer. People continue to die.

S1 is changing the way we go into space, making it safe and available to more than ever before. This year has seen improvements in our transfer systems, new electronics and flight packages, and a greater feature interface. S1 continues to develop new technology including our own space plane, which tourists may have the opportunity to pilot home, or partake in our amazing SH program of Ejectables, allowing one to don a super hero suit and fly back to Earth.

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