Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Space1 Space Nation Size

The smaller version of Space Nation can be assembled and put into operation faster. In this
rendering, Space Nation is flanked by multi purposed tug boats and supports a minimal number
of rockets on launch and landing pads. Smaller areas cordon off housing, facilities, science labs, AI sections, power generation, recycling, telemetry, mission control, and hydroponics/oceanic food.
@SPACE1: Humanoido Sets Space Nation Size
Size reduction speeds up development and time to completion

Effective today, new smaller designs go into effect for the continuing development of Space Nation, the independent rocket country that can be found in the South Pacific.

The Nation will make greater use of mobile docking ships for initial critical requirements, residential sections, and to create smaller power delivery systems that use basic wind, solar and wave. This will speed up the time in which the Space Nation can be completed for full operational capability.

— Space Nation is an independent country for locations in the Pacific Ocean to promote rapid development private space industry and rocket launches without red tape government bureaucracy.  

Space Nation Size
Rocket Space Nation AI
Rocket Space Nation Type Potentials
Rocket Nation Development
President AI of Space Nation
President Space Country Defense
Space Country AI Military
Accelerating Space Country
President of Space Country
Private independent Space Country
Space1 Industries Establishes Country Independency

Monday, September 16, 2019

Space1 Rocket Space Nation AI

A future city of AI, artificial intelligence life can be the driving factor for rapidly expanding into fields
of rocket technology and space travel.
SPACE1 Designs Layers of AI
for Rocket Space Nation

In an alternating design for a functioning rocket launching space nation country, the human element is mostly removed and replaced with residential purposed AI artificial intelligence in humanoid form or otherwise.

This negates the need for filtration, purified drinking water, and other specific amenities. The AI can clone by reproduction and populate the space country and do the work related to rocket launches and scientific endeavors. The city itself can have continuing development by the AI life.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Space1 Rocket Space Nation Type Potentials

A future grand spectacular man-made floating city can have a specific location, expand as needed
with smaller add-on oceanic real estate modules, and support the launch of massive star ship class
rockets with millions and millions of pounds of thrust, safely from the ocean.
Starting a Small Rocket Nation on a Shoestring Budget
SPACE1 Rocket Nation
Humanoido, Owner of SPACE1 Industries, defines several ways to immediately begin the founding of a new DIY rocket nation on a shoestring budget, then expand from there.

There are at least six potentials.

A used boat/ship can be purchased and developed for housing people, with rocket launch and landing capability. The size and condition/age of the boat determines cost and investment. A boat can float to various unspecified locations.

Oil Rig
Abandoned oil rigs were built with billions of dollars by rich oil companies and can be claimed for free and developed into static oceanic rocket space cities for a song and a dance.

Small islands in the Pacific Ocean are virtually free for the claiming. These can be developed into a space country.

Man-Made Static Island
Man-made static islands are potentials that can have designs to serve space launches and are often built at strategic locations.

Man-Made Floating Island
Man-made floating islands are often built from free recyclable materials and can be moved by floating to new locations.

Submersible City in a Submarine
A mobile submarine can travel around the Pacific Ocean and launch space program rockets either from resurfacing or from under the water.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Space1 Rocket Nation Development

Rocket Nation Continued Development
A Free Oceanic Country Devoted to Launching Rockets and Conducting Space Science Exploration

Experimental "SPACE1 Industries Pacific Oceanic Floating Private Independent Megalopolis Space Country" otherwise known as Space or Rocket Nation, is the brainchild invention of rocket scientist and Space1 Owner Humanoido.

"The goal is to develop a new space nation country with habitat cities, creative science & technology, rockets and launch sites for off-world exploration and colonizing space."

 Rocket Space Nation is working towards making humanity a multi-world spacefaring species

Potentials of the developing Space and Rocket Nation

* Floating, towed to new locations in the Pacific Ocean
* Offers Safety Rockets & launch sites for purchase or lease
* Has its own country grid
* Solar, wind, battery and wave power
* Catchment water system
* Unlimited oceanic water
* Filtration system
* Button down storm mode
* Seafood and developing hydroponics
* President & space board
* Space currency
* Shielding of pressure waves
* Protection against rapid unscheduled rocket disassembly

Friday, September 13, 2019

Space1 President AI of Space Nation

Space Country - a developing space nation
President AI of Space Nation
Actions from the newly elected President of Space Country

"SPACE1 Industries Pacific Oceanic Floating Private Independent Megalopolis Space Country" otherwise known as Space Nation, is governed by recently elected President AI who is taking measures to develop the country into habitat cities and colonize the new founded country. The Space Nation is working towards making humanity a multi-world spacefaring species.

— Space Country, an isle nation, is a high tech space sciences and rocket country, that can be discretely floated to any free location in the Pacific Ocean for unobstructed rocket launches —

Applications and appointments to the isle country are being accepted, primarily qualifiers conducive to the development of Space Nation, along with supporting technicians.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Space1 2019 Security

Mars data from the vault
SPACE1 2019 Security
Last week SPACE1 and its enforcement security entity - Space Securities, was reviewed to prevent potential theft of space rocket intellectual property.

One example in the news, a rocket parts purchase deception scheme was reported by SpaceX. Actions were taken by the courts to arrest the person selling the parts.

Space intellectual property theft is an increasing problem in the private space industry where it takes years, if not decades, to develop advanced spacecraft systems. Such data and information is immensely valuable given the man hours spent on invention, development, testing, and construction.

In recent years, Space Securities has noted operations with intent to enforce multiple country laws regarding various infarctions against property. Those caught could be extradited internationally and forced to answer to the specific countries courts and judicial systems, inclusive of prison time depending on the outcome. SPACE1 is operating under its own formed Pacific country construct, "SPACE1 Industries Pacific Oceanic Floating Private Independent Megalopolis Space Country" otherwise known as Space Country. Space Country is under development of space cities as noted or to be noted in the related blogs.


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Space1 Industries Augment Evolution

Space technology is rapidly catching up to science fiction and in some cases has moved far beyond!
Evolution of Augmentation
It has taken near 20 years of work to evolve to the point of advanced space human-augments...

In 2002, Humanoido began creating AI units of rapidly increasing sophistication which led to advanced humanoid robots with super brains.

In 2014, several humanoids were SPACE1 astronauts on the larger rocket. Since that time, numerous SPACE1 developed life forms have entered the private space industries program, now culminating with the most advanced Human Augments (see list below).

Machine AI
Genetically Modified Humans
Distillation Entities
LSH Little Space Humanoids
Space Transporting Consciousness Beaming
Transforming Space Entities
Super Brain
Spiritual Life Form
Quantum Consciousness
Rocket Transwall Entities
Brain in a Brain Beings
Autonomic Neuralpathic
Space Traveler
Robot Legion