Monday, May 23, 2016

Space1 Tiny Space Shuttle

Space1 continues preparation towards the launch of a tiny space shuttle, large enough to transport equipment and personnel into space, and small enough to be flown back to the Earth, recovered and reused.

The space plane is designed to be flown with or without a pilot. The shuttle is ideal in supplementing Space1's objective for space tourism.

This year, the Space1 fleet now expands to two developed shuttles and scheduled tests at the USA Spaceport.

The shuttle is a space plane and part of a rocket system to loft the plane into space whereupon the craft will reenter upon mission completion for the trip home. It remains to be seen exactly how many space tourist will ride inside the space plane.

The powerful engine is contained inside the rocket system, making the space plane extremely light and ideal for lofting and gliding. The plane uses NWM, Near Weightless Material, which is machined to conformity.

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