Monday, August 29, 2016

Space1 Portable Space Hangar PSH

Space1 has completed the Portable Space Hangar PSH this summer of 2016. As of August 1st, 2016, Space1 had completed the development of a temporary hangar for testing and constructing spacecraft. By the end of August, work was proceeding to bring online ISP security cameras, additional motion detectors, and a multiplicity of reporting alarm systems.
Truck unloads supplies to Portable Space Hangar

Reviewing equipment at the supplier potentially for Portable Space Hangar
Space Hangar has the capacity to temp hold large equipment, spacecraft, house space experiments, store supplies, shield from weather, and support new developments. As Space Hangar is portable, it can be relocated. Currently projects are set up and work is initiated, completed, then the materials and tools are removed.

The expected span of the PSH is two years, at which time the canopy will be removed and a new one installed. One thought is to double the strength by doubling the steel supports at that time. Another idea is to install an invention, as a sacrificial topper to extend the life of the structure by several years. Tests continue to find a coating material that can adhere to the skin over the long term.

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