Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Space1 Alien Presence

BSS and M.O.M. combine to form one massive alien brain intelligence - Humanoido
Space1 utilizes an alien presence of intelligent big brain machines to forge new pathways towards deep space and open up the frontiers of space tourism. Alien presence, of the man-made variety, can take many forms. Here we see the BIG BRAIN, a vast machine intelligence with 240,000 computing processors, invented and built over a decade by Humanoido, and a large robotics intelligence created by Tao Xiangli. Both Humanoido and Xiangli worked in Beijing China on their creations. Humanoido invented and built hundreds of brains .
Wiring of the Big Brain machine intelligence led to the founding of Space1 - Humanoido
Tao Xiangli of Beijing China demonstrates his alien appearance robot - Tao Xiangli
This includes the Big Brain, BSS and the Master Offloader Machine. The M.O.M. combined the latter two big brains into one massive machine. The Big Brain machine life form led to the development and founding of Space1.

Humanoido is the founder of Space1 and has applied his invented big machine brains to the exploration of space and space tourism in unique new ways. Humanoido wrote the book on Basic Stamp Supercomputers. A free copy of the US$49.95 book is available at the source below.


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