Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Space1 Penguin Robot Brains

Penguin robots and web page developed by Humanoido
Penguin Robot brain for space applications
Back in the day of Penguin robots, I designed a tech magazine all about Penguin robots and published four issues. I experimented with Penguin robots for years, developing new software, interfacing hardware, and creating new applications. Today, the Penguin has a new use - its brain has been surgically removed for space teleportation applications.

The lightweight single board tiny brain is ideal for sending into space, with a few modifications. First, the tiny brain can run on very small batteries, reducing the weight of the thinking payload for rocket launches.

The array of sensors on the brain board are ideal for space exploration, and include ports for smaller servo control or other robotics controls, sound,
infrared and stereo optical light sensing, stereo infrared transmitter, compass and of course thinking.

Based on the Parallax BS2px microcontroller, the small brain is ideal for space exploration. Sales of Penguin robots are discontinued but they frequently appear for auction on Ebay. - Humanoido

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