Monday, March 5, 2018

Space1 S1 Engine Fuel Test

Powerful S1 Engine Test
Space1 announces the successful completion of the high performance S1 rocket engine fuel test. Performance was nominally matched with both engine and fuel and calibrated with pressure ratios.

The increased thrust ratio will be employed to lift more payload in the final rockets, mainly the ISS Pioneer spacecraft to take tourists towards the stars. Journeys will begin after the battery of tests is complete, and the final installation of crew quarters, telemetry, flight computers, and other effects.

Tests conclude the new S1 engine is so powerful that a fuel mix can vary to give more or less power, like a calibrating feature relative to specific space missions. Calibrating fuel mix is based on numerous variables such as rocket payload weight, the amount of chambered fuel, the fuel mix (lean or rich) and the tank pressure.