Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Space1 Hurculean Rocket Engine

Space1 introduces the Herculean Rocket Engine, named after the Greek God Hercules

Space1 has tested a variety of rocket engine designs offering a wide range of size, mass, thrust and time ratios. Rocket dynamics design studies show data for a flux flow ratio that matches the Space1 canister rocket engine specifications.

This new configuration should produce more thrust, in theory. Humanoido, rocket scientist and owner of Space1, is now implementing a modification to the fleet's stock engine, for a fuel ratio with new parameters to gain significant engine performance. Implementing this revision overall will of course require not only engine modifications but also time, design, manufacturing and testing.

Humanoido now has a new invention that bolts on to the existing Space1 stock rocket engine in a way that can multi-fold increase engine performance. In the long term, this will allow Space1 to use a less costly modified engine and achieve deeper space missions, while standardizing the fleet with one engine design. This can reduce the cost of space travel while creating a faster turn around time from one rocket mission to the next.

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