Friday, March 9, 2018

Space1 Rocket Blast

The first photo at rocket launch shows a powerful engine vortex sky streaming with a stop plume reflecting from the base of the launch pad. The size of the plume is directly proportional to the rocket motor's impulse/thrust.
In the second timed photo, the plume has massively grown laterally and covers some of the initial vortex. The sky vortex continues to grow vertically as the rocket gains altitude.
Spectacular inertial splay of the plume, vortex detail presents itself
The Study of Rocket Blast
By test studies of the formation of rocket engine blasts, data is gleened on rocket engine and parts performance. 

Here are some blast results at various stages of the same launch, first showing the development of and the spreading out of a massive plume fan, column and finally the breakup of homogeneity.

Tests are made with the new S1 Engine and a standard wide band nozzle along with a wide band pad launch tower.

Tank fueling is at 33% and nominal feed pressure. The testing sequence is from the same rocket launch filmed with a high speed FPS camera.

Step 4: The plume gathers and congeals with a ricochet blasting skyward

Inertial power plume splattering and gravitometric disintegration

Final step 6: back settling of vortex, plume disintegration