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Space1 Profile 2018

Space1 Industries is a bold new space tourism venture, taking you into space in a new and revolutionary way - akin to dreams and aspirations of science fiction, made into reality. Space1 has futuristic technology and the world's first Safety Rocket to protect tourists on journeys toward new worlds! Space1 is taking generations of space travelers skyward towards the stars in our lifetime.

Date  Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Update  Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Founding Date  January 2014
Company Charter  January 2014
Years in Operation  4+
Purpose  a tourism space company with the worlds first safety rocket
Overview  Space1 Industries, operating as Space1, is an advanced private industry aeronautics and space tourism venture with the world's only Safety Rocket designed to keep space tourists 100% safe. SPACE1 designs, manufactures and launches the world's most advanced safety rocket.

Originating in the United States and now internationally based worldwide, Space1 is the progenitor and manufacturer of new innovative, exploratory, pioneering and futuristic space technology.

SPACE1 Industries manufactures safety rockets, space technology and devices for space travel. In 2018, SPACE1 expanded with humanoid space robots, genetically advanced humans for space flight, tropospheric drone lab and an advanced telescope skyscraper observatory with new amping technology. SPACE1 is the developer of Herculean Rocket Engines and Potonic Rocket Fuel.

Supporting  Solar System development, Mars and Solar System colonization, the advancement of technology, space tourism, becoming a multi-planetary species, telescopic polar injection lunar and planetary spacecraft, space mapping, rocket and spacecraft development, AI machine intelligence/humanoid robotics and the creation of new life forms...

Type of Organization  Non-Government, Private Enterprise
Owner, Founder, CEO  Humanoido STATS
Operation Branch Types  Multi, Part Open Source, NDA Non Disclosure Agreement, Private
Time in Operation  Into 5th Year (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)
Era of Operations  Past, Present, Future
Corporate Office  Global Intl. Headquarters
Organization Expansions  Asian Pacific & North America (USA, Taiwan, South Korea, South Pacific Ocean, China, Shanghai, Beijing, Japan, Macao, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, International Waters, International Airspace, Portable Float)

Staff  40-50
Staff Type  Human, Humanoid, AI Machine Intelligence, Silicon, Organic (C/H/O Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen), Augment, Genetically Modded Human, Astrobot
6 Classes of Astronauts  Human Astronaut,  Humanoid Robonaut, Insect Insectronaut, Organic Organaut, Genetically Modded Humans GMH, Robot Astrobot
No. of Test Flight "Astronauts"  17
New Technology   Multiple Flight Computers Trinary Array, Aerodynamic Rocket Recovery, Genetically Modded Humans, Safety Rocket Fleet USS PIONEER HEAVY, Hardened Para, Rocket Dynamic Extension, Super Fuel, Powerful S1 Class Rocket Engine, Rocket Flight Duration Time Travel Extender, Rocket Transwall, Reusability

Company Mergers  19+
Type of Mergers and Partnerships  NASA, (1) Rocket Launch Technologies & Systems Initiative, (2) Micro Space Technologies, (3) Next Space Technologies, (4) Near Space Technologies, (5) DSC Deep Space Center, (6) USA ULTRA Space Administration, Humanoid Robotics Lab, HRG Humanoid Robotics Group, Big Brain Intelligent Machine Life Forms Initiative, AI Programming & Development Center, Supercomputer Center, O&O Astronomical Observatory, United Humanoido Laboratories, WRS Whisper Radio Station, STI Space Telescope Industries, Power Telescope Initiative, ECC Earth Control Center, SETI2 International Division, EIT Electronics Invention Technologies

New Created Business Satellites  Futures Space Sciences Division (2014), Humanoid Robotics Technologies (2014), Flight Telemetry Industries (2014), AI Tropospheric Flight Drone Technologies (2017), Genetically Altered Humans Division (2018), Aerospace Industries International (2018)
Spaceport Locations  South Pacific Ocean, Taiwan, S. Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Intl. Waters, Intl. Air Space, Float
No. of Spaceports  12
No. of Spaceport Location Areas  8
Labs  Rocket, Humanoid, Machine Life, Robotics, Genetic Engineering, Weather, Astronomical, Electronics, Computer, Supercomputing, Software Programming, AI Machine Intelligence, Aeronautical, Tool, Mechanics, Holographic, 3D, Imaging, Materials, R&D, Space Time, Quantum, Dimension, AI Tropospheric Flight Drone, Flight Telemetry
Lab Locations  Korea, USA, Taiwan, Floating, Undisclosed
No. of Labs  25

Rockets in Fleet  Redesign now includes the USS Pioneer Heavy fleet
New 2018 Rocket in Inventory  Pioneer Heavy (3)
New Engine in 2018  S1 Single Herculean Engine
Rocket Type  Safety, Single Stage, Single Engine, Liquid Fuel, Multi Craft, Time Travel, Multi Spectral, Multi Dimensional, Autonomous, Special Function
Rocket Reentry Method  Space Plane, Parachute, Ejectable, Streaming, Multiple Section Separations & Return to Earth
New S1 Herculean Engines in Current Inventory  3
Engine Type  Single, Massive, Liquid Fuel, Impulse, Thrust, Sonic Nozzle
Fuel Type in 2018  Chemical Potonic
New Fuel Composition  See blogs (Pressure Injected Patonic Hydroxil Acid)

Space Hangar Types  Temp, Portable
Rocket Machine Tooling Rooms  1+
No. of Crafts  84
Crafts  20 Safety Rockets, 3 New 2018 Fleet Rockets, 5 New 2018 Rockets, Spaceplane, Delta Wing Flyer, Satellite, 16 Power Space Telescopes, Next Space Telescope Satellite, Space Station, Spacecraft, Starship, Space Car, Titan Moon Explorer, 30 Active Drone Chaser Vehicles, Master Tropospheric Drone
Notable Features  Safety Rocket, Ejectable, Spacesuit, Space Helmet, Space Glove, Space Computer, Humanoid, Mini Holo Deck, Genetically Altered Human, Reusability, Low Cost, Scale-ability
Constructed Space Humanoids  17
Space Humanoid Attributes  Autonomous Robonaut, Companion, Talk, Converse, Mood Recognition, Sense Voltage/ Heat/ Range, Walk, Grasp, Hold, Sit, Stand, Run, Signal, Sleep, Nap, Wait, Time, See, Track, Life, Intelligence, Night & Day Vision, Face Recognition, See Color/ Shapes/ Codes, Memorization, Command of Control Panel, Take Commands, Activate/Deactivate Switches, Follow Sequences, Serve as Captain, Programmable, Space Telescope Repair, Robo Space Walk, Rocket Worker, Space Plane & Delta Wing Flyer Pilot, Mechanical Motion & Electronic LED Signaling, Entertain (Sing, Dance, Recite, Tai Chi, Aerobics, Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, Enact, Play, Weather Track, Super Hero Abilities), Transform (to reduce volume & weight)

Milestones  Machine & Human Personnel, Safety Rocket, Space Car, Added Dimensions, see Notable Features
Media  Email, Space1! Magazines, 3 Web Sites, Space1 Bulletin, Charter, Memo, Prime Directive, Update, Blogging, Email, News
Magazines   Space1! Magazine, Issue 1 Jan-Apr 2014, Issue 2 May-Aug 2014, Issue 3 Sep-Dec 2014
No. of Position Types  20
Company Positions  Entrepreneur, Founder, Owner, President, CEO, CFO, CMO, COO, CIO, Chief Scientist, Rocket Scientist, Aeronautical Aerospace Engineer, Spaceport Director, Robotics Engineer Roboticist, Promotion Manager, Journalist, Writer, Web Master, Investor, Silicon Worker, Astronaut, Robonaut, Test Pilot, Researcher, Support Engineer Scientist, Genetically Altered Human
Position Openings in Mid 2018  Rocket Scientist Assistant, Space Secretary/Researcher
Space1 Record  (Perfect Record) Into year five of space operations, flights, testing, launches, materials handling, and construction, tooling, Space1 has no mishaps, no injuries and no fatalities, ushering in a new era of ultimately safe space travel, tourism, and space exploration

Logo Space1, World's First Safety Rocket, Space Tourism

Email  space1usa(at)gmail(dot)com
Contact  Humanoido
No. of Web Sites  3
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Net Worth  Two Billion Dollar Space Industry

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