Sunday, June 18, 2017

Space1 Large Rocket Time Travel

NASA design that inspired Space1 Prodigy Missions
Space1 Rocket Time Travel

Due to larger and faster Space1 rockets this year, Space1 tourists undergoing infinitesimal time travel cannot be ruled out.

While the ISS International Space Station is more concerned with micro-gravity, tourists on the massive Space1 safety rockets are free to explore some of the more fascinating points of space travel, such as Time Travel.

Launching rockets against the rotation of the Earth will exacerbate this effect and increase overall relative speed as will astronauts and space tourists taking repeat flights.

Time Travel tourist missions to slow down the aging process will take place as one option of many in exploring space.

According to space time physics and Albert Einstein, moving clocks run slow by a factor of the time travel equation. The effect is most pronounced when the relative speed is one tenth the speed of light or greater. Space1 rockets have acceleration computers that automatically calculate and determine peak rocket speed during space missions.

Space1 is using a solid rocket engine with black powder fuel controlled by a sonic nozzle which is optimized for speed.

Space tourist wishing to participate in the Time Travel program to learn more about time travel may contact Space1 for more information. Individuals wishing to sign up for upcoming rocket tourist flights may do so by contacting Space1 at the contact email address.

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