Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Space1 A Small Mirror of SpaceX

SPACE1 - a Small Mirror of SpaceX

SpaceX was started by Elon Musk with millions leading to billions of dollars in 2002, a full 12 years ahead of Space1 founded by Humanoido in 2014. SPACE1 was funded by Humanoido, working with hundreds leading to thousands of dollars in 2014. Thus, initially, humanoido had to design his private industry space program in unique monetary saving ways. Today, SPACE1 has become a small mirror of SpaceX following the accomplishments of SpaceX in baby steps. The following five small mirror events were developed by SPACE1 :

* Red Sportster into Space

* Development of Pioneer Heavy Rocket

* Development of BFR Rocket

* Mars Initiative

* Recycled and Scaleable Rocket
Space1 Rocket Reusability & Scaleability