Sunday, April 22, 2018

Space1 April 2018 Update

Illustration of future potential human augmentation for space travel
SPACE1 April 2018 Update
Reported by Humanoido

Traveling safe in space with the Safety Rocket is the important prerequisite step towards Solar System travel, becoming a multi planetary species and colonizing Mars. Our Safety Rocket, combined with Human Augmentation Technology will revolutionize and change space travel for humanity.

In this update:
Human Augments
Mars Connect
SPACE1 Observatory

We are approaching the historical mission launch of the USS PIONEER HEAVY Safety Rocket with the first human augment on board.  I'm in the planning stages of how to establish and conduct the first human transforming operation. It appears we have all the equipment, parts and materials on hand. This is a several step process and the first mission will complete the first step.

Mars Connect was founded in January 2018 as a subsidiary of SPACE1 to promote the trip to Mars, its colonization, and support future Martian settlers. Until then, Mars Connect MC will support the SPACE1 Mars Initiative. The first challenge of MC is telescope acquisition for the collection of data, and foremost, finding a suitable location with the best seeing conditions to conduct operations during the 2018 Martian opposition.

Work continues exploring locations in different countries that are best suitable for a new SPACE1 observatory. The observatory will have capabilities for cartography, Mars observing and imaging, weather tracking, and logging data to be used programming a weather prediction program and making various maps for land and dust storms.

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