Thursday, April 12, 2018

Space1 Age of the Big Fat Rocket

SPACE1 1:3 BFR (Big Fat Rocket) Rocket Design

SPACE1 has ushered in the age of the BIG FAT ROCKET, a 1:3 BFR rocket so massive and over- whelming that it towers itself with a ratio of one to three in terms of diameter to overall length. 

This new BIG FAT ROCKET 1:3 BFR design can carry a massive amount of fuel and simultaneously store two fuel mixes. (1:3 BFR development code name) By extending the overall fatness in the Y_DIRECT, the rocket can accommodate a massive amount of payload. This equates to a very large number of rocket space mission occupants/ astronauts, equipment, recovery devices, and potentially other craft such as space stations, delta wing return planes, landers, satellites, and large space vehicles.

— the 2018 fleet of Pioneer Heavy rockets have the Big Fat Rocket design

FAT rockets have the full capacity to harbor one powerful S1 Engine, originating from the Herculean Engine Series of June 2017. The S1 is the largest rocket engine created by SPACE1. The advantage of one massive engine is all in the timing and reliability, as singular timing is ultimately reliable and does not depend on the multiple firing sequence of clustered engines or falling short to their possible variances in thrust.

There's some speculation about the potential purposes of the 1:3 BFR regarding going to the Moon, encircling Mars and other planets, tripping to the moons Enceladus and Europa, journeying to Titan, or swooping down on large Solar System asteroids around the Belt. Most likely however the Big Fat Rocket 1:3 BFR will fulfill its initial purpose to take the first pioneering space tourists into space.