Saturday, March 3, 2018

Space1 Rocket Return Flight

The rocket return flight of the USS Pioneer fleet spacecraft is currently by a soft landing using a large red parachute. 

The whole process continues to evolve and is based on the payload content weight inside the rocket during landing. In one scenario, the astronauts eject from the rocket to cut weight and slowly float back to the earth in the capsule only, while the rocket, nearly weightless, tumbles back to the ground. In another scenario, they remain inside the faring at the forefront of the rocket during return.

Photo: high up in the tropospere level of space, the beautiful rocket from a space tour is returning by parachute, intertwined with wisps of clouds, floating softly on a cushion of air back down to the Earth. A number of parachute braids and woven cables are seen near the top. At left is the highly reflective rocket fuel tank, expended of all fuel, with some prismatic cloud reflections on the casing. 

Currently all new rockets are of the USS Pioneer spacecraft fleet design with FAT rocket bodies and fuel tanks. New rockets use a new more powerful fuel and the new powerful S1 Engine, the most powerful Space1 rocket engine invented and employed to date.