Thursday, March 29, 2018

Space1 Rocket Missions

The safety rocket mission after the third test mission will likely consist of a genetically modified human.

SPACE1 is planning rocket missions since the fleet is built up to three PIONEER HEAVY rockets. Anticipated missions are listed below.

The 1st Test Mission
The estimated first mission will have a red sports car as rocket payload and one Starman. Humanoido, Founder and CEO of SPACE1 believes the Starman will be a transformation humanoid astrobot.

The 2nd Test Mission
The second mission could include a Delta Wing Flyer. These probably need to be built from specs and kept in the hanger at the overseas rocket facility. The completed shuttles, a different flying craft, remain stored in the USA with no current plans to ship the vessels overseas.

The 3rd Test Mission
The third mission will run the flight computers and sensors to the fullest extent and test all the new camcorders. It will also undergo variance tests with various rocket parameters.

The Next Mission
The next mission comes after the third test mission and will likely hold the world's first safety rocket astronaut, which will most likely be a genetically modded human.