Sunday, March 11, 2018

Space1 Instrument Leader

Space1 has developed an instrument leader, the apex of which allows attachment of scientific instruments.

The instrument leader may use a metal line that can have multiple tethers attached to it. The leader connects the instrument to the rocket. 

If an instrument is dislodged during a rocket trip, it will have a lock leading to the rocket through the instrument swivel leader. Located at the rockets apex, it can have multiple connected tethers and secured instruments so they will not be ejected and lost. The instruments may be located and secured at almost any location on the rocket. Instrument leaders and tethers may be used for payloads, flight sensors, space capsules, instrument packages, altimeters, flight computers, and corded parachutes. The instrument uses a swivel to prevent cord entanglement. Photos show small versions and a leader knot for tying two lines together.