Saturday, March 10, 2018

Space1 Genetic Engineering Astronauts

The space "Genetic" engineered astronaut is a human modified to survive in space, shown with eyes of electronic vision, amplified ears with frequency response hearing, metamorphosis framing to withstand heavy g force, electronic mouth for issuing commands, a humanoid life form maintained for familiarity, and able to interface with the space-faring vessel in terms of computing, navigation, astrometrics, maintenance and repair, and telemetry.

Space1 astronauts are undergoing a type of volunteer experimental genetic engineering for space flight. While planets can be teraformed to change climate, humans can be genetically engineered to undergo space flight and rocket travel.

"1g" is the pull of earth's gravity. Therefore, 24g's means it would be like 24 times the pull of earth's gravity. The human body passes out from the stress of around 9 or 10g's, so 24 g's is a lot of pull. How can the body survive over 10g's without passing out and continue to enjoy space tourism?

Space1 has created and invented a human transformation that modifies a human body and converts it directly to an entity "genetically" engineered for space flight. In tests, engineered humans can withstand 24g's of acceleration without passing out and endure the rigors of space as well as long term space flights. This is considered to be a revelation of human evolution and a step closer to the Singularity.