Thursday, January 11, 2018

Space1 Most Powerful Rocket Engine

Space1 has created the most powerful and massive S1 series rocket engine to date, a result of work spanning into five years.

The rocket engine has outperformed all other engines in terms of mass payload lifting power and thrust vectoring. The key to the largest engine ever made by Space1 is not only its massive size and engineering construction, but its conversion over to a new liquid fuel rather than dry bonded powder.

Discontinued dry powder is unstable in terms of sparks, random ignition properties and spontaneous combustion, plus it has special requirements and is banned from transport and storage in many countries.

The new massive S1 engine is approximately 50 times larger than the old powder engine though size does vary depending on the space mission. The S1 engine is completely reusable and could provide service over a period of years depending on the number of uses. It will require standard and systemic inspections prior to each launch for stress, cracks, and other anomalies. While black powder rocket engines were not reusable and were expensive, reusing the Chemical S1 engine will be a free endeavor.

Cost to build the S1 is very low, thus facilitating competitive ticket pricing for going into space as a tourist. S1 engines could be clustered or elevator configured for staging, and made proportional in size from the smallest to the largest. The greatest challenge for the new S1 engines is they propel the rocket farther than ever before to realms sight unseen, thus opening the door to the exploration of new dimensions and the most exciting space tour packages.