Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Space1 Rocket Assembly Line

Humanoido over at the Space1 warehouse assembly crew has developed the Space Rocket Assembly Line. This is the first known rocket assembly line in the world! It will be the first assembly line to assemble an entire fleet of new large flight established Safety Rockets for space tourism and other space travel purposes.

Now that Space1 has patterned its latest and largest massive space safety rocket, it can be injected into a new assembly line for more rapid development and assembly. An assembly line can more rapidly build new multiple rockets for a full fleet for use in 2017. 

This is the first time assembly line production crew will be used to construct rockets for space flights and space tourism. At left, a massive tank serves as the rocket body, bracketed in the horizontal tanking position on a retainer tower.

Above: Retouched photo with branding removed so as not to reveal tank sources and suppliers. The vertical tank is rolled out on a temporary tower holding bracket securing the main body cylinder for assembly of the base components.

At the base, the main rocket body will receive extremely large and massive finnage to provide added stability and control during rocket flights into the Troposphere. These are welded to the tank using a special positioning tool. The devices were perfected during the assembly and testing of the first Space1 rocket, photo published on another page. However, the shape of these devices have improved since 2014.

July 30th, 2017
Overseas assembly is temporary halted and workers are on sabbaticals or working on other jobs due to the current overly hot weather spell with daytime temperatures reaching 122 degrees F.

Such hot temperatures cause typhoons to form in the Pacific Ocean. Recently two typhoons crossed the island of Taiwan. Work will resume after the retreat of typhoon Nepal when temperatures plummet to 185 degrees for a while.

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