Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Space1 Missions Begin

Concept: zero g, rocket lofted, one piece space station, with proper orientation quarters

They say that only at the precipice do we grow, moving beyond to a new level. Space1, a private space industry in 2017, has reached the point of launching missions into space as the immediate precursor to manned missions. The new safety craft will serve multi-functions, a safety rocket to get into space, space station for scientific study and longer touring in space, a set built-in harbinger of delta wing flyers, and a return craft method. Currently a wide span of tests are being completed preceding the manned missions to ensure 100% success. Future plans are to enable missions with space station occupancy, ejecting a space telescope and collecting data, and returning to the Earth by means of a delta wing flyer or using the whole shebang approach (return of all space vessels at the same time).

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