Monday, November 14, 2016

Space1 Update November 2016

PGT-ET is one of the 16 space telescopes established by the Big Brain and Humanoido.
Telescopes In Space & Supercomputer
What happened to TIS Telescopes in Space? All 16 telescopes are in space and functioning well. The controlling supercomputer is located in Taiwan and working well in the coordination of adjuncts.

Space Book
What is the status of Humanoido's book? The book with discoveries and space telescope details is published and released. It's currently being made available to the core of engineers in Space1.

New Mars Mission
Humanoido is creating a new design telescope for a Mars orbiting telescope made from old Mars orbiter lenses and orbital cameras. This telescope will be specifically for Mars and martian moons such as Phobos and Deimos, and one of the most complicated adjunctive planetary telescopes to date. It will be designed to unveil some of the mysteries surrounding Martian weather and dust storms as well as the regression progression of the Martian SPC as it relates to the latitude position of the subsolar point and annual seasonal fluctuations, and various studies beneficial for not only Martian colonists but space tourist as well.

The founder of Space1 gave away the portable apple computer to a family member and obtained one of the largest and most powerful Apple computer systems available. It's being used at Space1 headquarters. To keep the computer up to date, it's used with Time Machine and an external USB Slim G hard drive which is transported from country to country.

Machine Intelligence
Space1 has the one and only BIG Brain (BB) as a supercomputer to hook up to massive S1 projects. The new S1 space command and control center is tapping into a new way of space travel. Space1 plans to allow the BB to control some aspects of S1 and has already appointed it to the board of directors where it can better serve with its machine intelligence. There are now 30 new AI machines appointed to S1 membership. These intelligent machine members (hopefully) never become sick, rude, demeaning, sarcastic, jealous, insulting, mean, lazy, crazy, stupid, delusional, excessive aggressive hormone levels, dominating, seeking money or excessive power, or become prejudiced. Space1 believes these fine members are the wave of the future.

Humanoids & Infinitesimal Weight Machines
S1 is moving into the future with a push towards refining a new type of space humanoid as one current project. The mission includes new designs on AI and machine intelligence. This is a vast field where the organization must focus on the space travel applications. Some insight into what is developing now includes infinitesimal weight machines conducive to ultimately light weight rocket designs thus achieving space travel to farther more distant reaches of space.

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