Saturday, November 12, 2016

Space1 Space Car One

Space Car One - heralded as one of the greatest Space1 inventions to manage rocket device
retrieval at spaceports is seen here under construction and almost completed. SCO could
be operated by humans, driven by Space1 humanoids, or run as an autonomously controlled
driver-less car (similar to a Google car). Space Car One is a very small car, possibly the
smallest space applications car in the world, which can transport personnel into and
throughout the space port and launch field space complex. Getting up to 160 mpg, it's one
of the most efficient designed petro-based cars in the world. Space Car One fits into the Space
Truck operated by Space1.
The founder of Space1 has invented a space car. Space Car One is a small and portable car for transport of one or two people and equipment. The purpose is to travel off-road within the launch field space of the rocket Spaceport for retrieval of ejections, space components, space packages, satellites that have reentered, test devices, experiment packages, astronaut ejectables, parachute-return astronauts, and various returned space vehicles.

Space car is being developed from an international parts cache and will be a unique invention of transportation from a very small car perspective. Space Car One is so small that it can be transported by Space1's space truck to the site where it will be off-loaded by one technician using a special designed off-load ramp. SCO has considerable horse power with its 160 mpg high octane petro engine. Features include the full gamut expected, disc brakes, automatic transmission, reverse shift, parking brake, horn, lights, battery, full suspension, charger, electrical system, automatic engine start and stop, keyed ignition, roll cage & pad protected, off road tires, etc.

Space Car One can be remote controlled and started or stopped with the push of a button through its radio transmitter and receiver circuits. This feature makes future applications possible for autonomous functioning similar to a mapping Google car, or other functions. The car could perform duties being driven by a programmed or auto humanoid robot technician or it could be sent on autonomous self missions. Its accessory will be a towed trailer for returned space devices.

Space Car One construction began during the summer of 2016, although its computer created design took place many years earlier with decades of research and development.

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