Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Space1 Secret Space Program?

Is Space1 a secret space program?

Space1 is not a secret space program as it has released tons of information as open sources.

Or is it? At the same time of public outpouring of studies, data, new inventions, designs, updates, news of personnel, operations detail, business and descriptions of equipment and structures, Space1 has maintained a shroud of secrecy over its unique intellectual property methods and techniques to accomplish revolutionary safe space travel. These descriptions may be vague. For what reason? For example, the fundamental concept detail of space travel and the Safety Rocket design is hidden from eyes for the purpose of preventing space competition from duping our private industry competitive space systems for an estimated grace time period of two years or more from the time we release our fundamental methods and products. By that time it's expected Space1 will have sent the first 100 touring rocket pioneers into space and world documented their historical journey into space. After that revelation, the goal is provide and offer the uniqueness of space touring and the experience to all across the world, garnering and ushering in a billion dollar space industry.

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