Thursday, November 3, 2016

Space1 Rocket Transformer

Rotating wheel space station concept

Space1 is looking at rocket transformation as a means to increase function throughout the space program. For example, a rocket transformer can also become a space station, satellite, and spaceship.

Soviet Sputnik satellite depiction

In the space station mode, the craft contains hollowed sections for occupation and necessary items for long term. Satellite mode contains equipment for space study and technology applications during specific trajectories through various types and sections of space. The spaceship includes a means of transportation using a type of space engine with the ability to move into the Solar System and the stars.

NASA spaceship concept
Rocket design 4R is the transformer rocket, transforming from rocket to satellite, space station or spaceship. With four craft functions, the 4R is the most diverse and recyclable craft in the Space1 space program. It's estimated the transformer rocket can save billions of dollars in overall space missions.

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