Friday, November 18, 2016

Space1 President Trump & Space

Newly elected USA President Trump has taken a firm stance on the advancement of technology and the support of the American Space Program.

A spectacular vision for future Mars settlement
President Trump explains that NASA will be directed towards great missions that take human astronauts beyond Earth orbit and that NASA will be fully funded the proper way with enough money to do great missions and make America's return into space one of great leadership in world standing. America's return to space under President Trumps leadership will undoubtedly create many thousands of new quality jobs for Americans and those around the world involved with NASA projects, open up new levels of international cooperation, and increase technology towards new levels of greatness.

President Trump has an uncanny ability to garner great people and harness their capabilities and reach the completion of projects under budget and in record time. It appears that President Trump is putting emphasis on human space exploration. A spectacular vision for Mars settlement in the future is depicted in the art work seen above.

 A Trump return to the Moon would most likely lay claims to the wealth of materials and natural fuel energy that exists on the lunar surface.

Prior to the election, President-elect Trump and his campaign representatives made multiple statements voicing support for partnerships with private companies, including the intention to hand over operations in low Earth-orbit (which would include the operation of the International Space Station) to private industry.

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