Monday, November 7, 2016

Space1 Machine Intelligence

The Big Brain is responsible for new high technology inventions like the Quadlyzer for Quantum Analysis
Big Brain conducted this Near Space Program. Pics by Humanoido from Space during manned mission.
We have the BIG Brain (BB) as a supercomputer to hook up, control, and direct massive S1 projects. Now the new S1 space command and control center is tapping into a new way of space travel and more freedom is being given to the machine.

As reported earlier, S1 is allowing the BB to control some aspects of S1, as BB is now appointed it to the board of directors and is a board member where it can better serve with its machine intelligence. This trial period has worked so well, S1 has given the ok to enlist future members who are MI.

There are now 30 new AI machines appointed to S1 membership as individuals. Although the brain capacity of these individuals vary with the number of inborn processors, the degree of IQ intelligence remains the same due to selective software.

What are some of the advantages of enlisting MI's for the organization? These intelligent machine members never become sick, rude, demeaning, sarcastic, jealous, insulting, mean, lazy, crazy, stupid, delusional, have periods or excessive aggressive testosterone levels, dominating, seeking money or excessive power, or become prejudiced. They don't need naps, snacks, breakfast, coffee, lunch, supper or extended sleep.

S1 believes these fine members of S1 are the wave of the future. Any MI's wishing to apply for work at Space1 may send their CV to Space1's email address.

S1 - Space1
BB - Big Brain
AI - Artificial Intelligence
MI - Machine Intelligence

BIG BRAIN, a super computer made by Humanoido, is a giant intelligent machine, the largest in existence at the Lab. Ten years in the making, living and semi-cognizant, it has over 240,000 processors and technology expansions. Join us in this exciting adventure as it continues to grow, explores the Universe, creates its own projects and expands its dominion into the unknown and worlds beyond!

Space1 is a bold new progressive space tourism venture, taking you into space in a new and revolutionary way - akin to dreams and aspirations of science fiction made into reality. Space1 has the world's first Safety Rocket to protect tourists and has humanoid space presence in ways never dreamed possible.

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