Thursday, January 28, 2016

Space1 Touring Time

Time can change from one space location to another. Making time viewable and tourable is one goal at Space1.

Introduction To Tourable Time
In space, there are many fantastic touring sites of grandiose proportions, such as giant planets, cratered moons, and other solar system objects like mineral rich asteroids, messenger comets from the galaxy, and historical spacecraft dating back to the 1950s. Also existing are many special objects, like the blazing solar magnetosphere, the colorful and changing auroras, grand geysers of spewing ice, shooting stars, strange space bubbles, and the very essence of time.

Touring time is a new concept invented by humanoido of Space1. Space1 has a space lab in which time is studied and investigated. Generally, time is in motion, and can flow at varying rates. Space1 is studying the use of time to extend the length of space tourism and now become an object of tourism. There are different types of time. It can be a relative flux factor, relative to position, gravity, velocity, and the unfolding or folding of natural occurring events. The key factor in touring time is the ability to observe it as elemental and referential, viewing discerning and definable differences from other types of time.

Exactly what will be viewable and tourable in the zones of time? - watching the bending and shaping of time, seeing the change in the rate of time flowing, observing time slow down or speed up, watching the event time line unfold thus modified by changeable time, or discover new forms of time such as shifting timelines and the causality effects of objects such as gravity wells and the folding fabric of space-time? Perhaps it will be viewable outside of time portals at places where all time has stopped, which may be tourable in special ways. Space1 will continue to scientifically investigate, study, and experiment with the potential realm of tourable time.