Saturday, January 30, 2016

Space1 Secret Rocket Space Plane

Illustration - early concept rocket space plane at the fringe of troposphere space - NASA
Little has been released about Space1's secret rocket space plane. Blogs at the Big Brain web site rarely touched topic with space planes. (see Mini Space Shuttle

Project RSP has remained in development a number of years and includes the design of space planes that will be taken to the outer fringes of special space by a powerful Space1 rocket, then clamp released for an exciting journey back to the Earth. RSP at this time is designed as a "pre-programmed" aerodynamic glider with enough energy to navigate back to a predesignated landing port. It's anticipated that E-pilots will fly the wind-swept craft taking tourists on a thrilling roller coaster type ride for the greatest Adrenalin rush. Space1 has built two test rocket space planes which are hangar-kept and awaiting their maiden voyages, perhaps sometime in 2016.
From birth to mothballs - NASA flew the shuttle from 1981 through July 21, 2011

The rocket space plane RSP is fully reusable and is designed as cold craft not reaching excess temperatures that the NASA space shuttle experienced during reentry. Thus, the RSP doe not require expensive and dangerous tiles. Manufacturing costs are kept minimal, ensuring nominal cost to space tourists.

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