Thursday, January 21, 2016

Space1 Listening to Rockets

You can listen in to Space1 rockets by constructing your own DIY equipment. Space1 rockets vary their frequency on a regular basis based on particular missions, tests, and space rocket launches. Currently we are conducting rocket telemetry tests with new systems in the HF radio spectrum.

For example, future telemetry of interest may be in the form of camera motion pictures and images showing tests, the interior or exterior of rockets, the receding Earth during rocket launches, and the environments during reentry and recovery.

How To DIY
To find the right frequency, use of an auto scanning frequency receiver will lock onto the signal. A large directional gain rotation antenna will tune in the carrier band much better. Output can be your choice of PAL or NTSC to a video monitor to show real time events. We often use sound as a component of the transmission. You might hear the roar of a rocket engine during a test. As events unfold, a capture board can save the data. For a home brew system on a budget, you can build your own DIY antenna from a small recycled satellite TV Dish. You can get some ideas from this little itty bitty radio telesscope.