Friday, December 18, 2015

Space1 Profile


Space1 is a bold new space tourism venture, taking you into space in a new and revolutionary way - akin to fantastic dreams and aspirations of science fiction, made into absolute reality.

Space1 has the world's first Safety Rocket to keep tourists safe, and has humanoid presence in futuristic ways never dreamed possible.

Date  Friday December 18, 2015
Founding Date  January 2014
Company Charter  January 2014
Type of Venture  Space Tourism
Type of Organization  Non-Government, Private Enterprise
Time in Operation  2 Years
Corporate offices  USA, Taiwan
Staff  6
Spaceport Locations  USA, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong
Spaceports  11
Rockets in Fleet  14
Rocket Systems  3
Labs  6
Space Hangar Types  Permanent, Temp, Portable
Rocket Machine Tooling Rooms  2+
Other  Spaceplane, Satellite, Telescope, Tether, Space Station, Space Craft
Features  Safety Rocket, Ejectables, Spacesuit, Space Computers, Humanoids
Media  Email, Space1! Magazines, Two Web Sites, Space1 Bulletins, Charter
Magazines   Issue 1 Jan-Apr 2014, Issue 2 May-Aug 2014, Issue 3 Sep-Dec 2014
Labs  Rocket, Robotics, Weather, Astronomical, Electronics, Quantum, Aeronautical
Positions  Founder, President, CEO, Chief Scientist, Rocket Scientist, Aeronautical Engineer, Spaceport Director, Robotics Engineer, Promoter, Writer, Web Master, Investor
Openings  Overseas Spaceport Director
Logo  Space1, the World's First Safety Rocket, Space Tourism...
Email  space1usa(at)
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Typical Rocket Configuration
Capsule for Multiple Astronauts
Spacesuit Required
Parachute Return
Onboard Flight Computer
External Electronic Window
Pressure Manifold
Single Engine Per Stage
Single or Multiple Stage
Reusable Rocket
Launch Tower