Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Space1 May 2018 Update

Breaking News! Friday May 18, 2018
May brings summer to the tropics and temperatures have already exceeded 106 deg. F. This is deemed too hot for space launches in summer just as winter temperatures too cold in the North are prohibitive. Therefore, Space1 development operations are brought inside for the summer season, and more importantly, there's a special hand-off of space operations this year to HSO.

HSO (Humanoido Singularity Observatory) is Humanoido's new powerful and innovative space telescope observatory, equipped with a precision super enhanced catadioptric high resolution telescope amped to 1,800-inches in diameter. This amped scope mimics a 46-meter telescope, the largest amped telescope in the world. The mission is for HSO and this telescope is to take the baton and run with it, by initiating various space launch missions during the night when temperatures are cooler.

Next month, operations will begin the search for a new housing structure and location to include Space1 Headquarters, Rocket Development, Humanoid Robotics Group, Humanoido Singularity Observatory HSO, various science labs and residence. Simply put, the current location is outgrown.

Humanoido, as most people don't know, has moved the full array of scientific operations, rockets, humanoido robots, machine life forms (AI) and HSO to an isolated small private island at an undisclosed location in the Pacific Ocean, where atmospheric conditions are considered the best in the world for launching rockets and telescopic observing.

At considerable expense for the move, and shipping such heavy HSO components, the main part of the operation is now complete. HSO posts will initially appear here, as part of the Space1 site, and later will appear on a main index. The HSO Platform is a powerful division of SPACE1.