Saturday, January 27, 2018

Space1 Dream Launch Pad

Space1 has suspended two launch sites, one at an unspecified rural location in the USA and another overseas on the island of Taiwan. The Taiwan launch pad was suspended due to being too small and having a nearby river - as the new USS PIONEER rocket has a much greater range and requires more unobstructed space. In the USA, the launch pad was suspended by actions of the land faction. This opens up great new opportunity, and Space1 is now reviewing the "dream launch pad."

The illustration show static possibilities (credit: EDU KSP). Shown is a rocket assembly plant (tallest building), astronomical observatory (dome), rocket launch pad (upper right), fueling plants, emporium and symposium building, manufacturing facilities, dish tracking and telemetry area, landing runway and traffic control, education institution, storage and other resources.

The new dream launch pad is founded in Taiwan with a different design, one of being portable. A portable launch site "borrows" the land during launch activity day, transports the rocket, fuel, and equipment to the site, erects the launcher and rocket systems, and packs up after the launch mission is complete. This method allows for acquisition of a massive amount of land tracts which would otherwise not be available for purchase. After the mission, the land tracts simply serve their duality of purpose. This is the new dream launch pad, one of complete security, portability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

The new dream launch pad configuration will also function in South Korea, Singapore, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, USA, Hong Kong and at other existing Space1 launch sites.