Thursday, January 18, 2018

Space1 Corporate Office

SPACE1's Corporate Office has moved from the USA to an international location. In a questionable gesture, after giving Space1 permission to build structurally, the USA city after 2 years decided Space1 Headquarters could tear down its space complex including the space hangar designed for the rocket plane and to further deny permission to expand structures. Space1 operations were immediately removed from USA soil and relocated overseas. For example, friendly locations of science and technology - South Korea and Taiwan, have welcomed Space1 by providing free land: a launch site expanse, scientific resources and the availability of a variety of buildings for operations at lease or purchase. Also moved overseas is Space1's full and comprehensive Drone Lab operations to support rocket space tourism and the exploration of new dimension using the USS Pioneer luxury rocket. Space1's USS Pioneer luxury rocket fleet will be built overseas along with the first new launch system.