Monday, December 25, 2017

Space1 New Rocket Specs

Here are the specs for the new rocket.

It's one tall rocket, with a simple parachute deployment without equipment, servos, timers, explosive bolts, or electronic boards.

It has a second story apart from the fuel chamber to house the tourists around the 360 deg. clear rocket window.

It has fore and aft rocket cams to document the entire journey, inclusive to other dimensions.
The rocket can be reused for free.
The new rocket can hoist greater payload mass compared to the old rocket. This will enable a capsule to harbor more tourists, carry more cameras, and carry multiple flight computers.

Space1 will supply the rocket fuel for free.
The rocket uses a non flammable rocket fuel which is incapable of spontaneous combustion.
The rocket fuel is not explosive when heated or subjected to pressure or mechanical vibrations of nominal range.

The launcher will be reusable for nearly the entire rocket fleet of varied sized rockets.
The rocket launcher will be portable and made elite for transport.

The rocket engine will provide a more smooth tourism journey at less G-force.
Rocket body dimensions and configs afford a smoother return and landing.

A smaller rocket and free rocket fuel will bring down the cost of space tourism.
A low cost DIY space tourism kit may be made available at crowd funding sites.
DIY space tourism will revolutionize the way we travel in space.

The new rocket will maintain the same or higher level of safety standards.
The new rockets can be shipped and meet all shipping requirements for safety protocols.
HAZMAT rules no longer apply when shipping rockets or engines.