Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Space1 2017 Changes

Space1 has discontinued 37 old style rocket engines not unlike this NASA RS25 engine
After a Fall and Winter S1 hold within the USA, and dealing with some hangar issues  (USA Hangar One is being discontinued), Space1 is back in biz. The S1 Think Tank has thought its way into a better rocket engine delivery system that can ship domestically and internationally. Launchers can be replicated. The TT has also found a fuel that needs no transportation across state lines and international boundaries whatsoever. These simplifications and changes in direction will accelerate S1 to reach its goals much sooner. This will include a new engine to propel a new style rocket and further increase the level of safety, especially including field safety during launches in regard to rocket fuel, storage of engines and fuel, and the obsoleting of rocket fuel that ages with time. The new system also reduces the amount of required capital investment for rocket fuel and creates a new concept of LMI Last Minute Inventory. This opens up a new division to create rocket fuel and establish a way to transport it or manufacture it during the day of the launch.