Saturday, September 2, 2017

Space1 Invisible Rocket Technology

Space1 emergence of new space technology
Space1 has a splurge of inventive activities where one space invention leads to another and another and another. Finally we are left with incredible technology of  invisible space rocket components. How the invisibility is achieved is methodology unexpected. Let's take an overview precursory look at how invisible rocket technology works. It's best to start by quoting a memo from the inventor of invisible rocket technology, Humanoido, and overview the inventive development timetable.

"Invisible Instruments: I was awake all night developing this technology of a transporter for humanoid components and advancing it. Today, we can obsolete our rocket fleet, rocket planes, space station designs, and rip out the old control panels and install the new tiny manifestation interface MI with invisible controls. Could our own space station could be at a level a thousand times more advanced than the ISS International Space Station? Controls have disappeared, freeing up tens of thousands of pounds weight. Extrapolating the potentials, could we develop the first and foremost spacecraft going to Mars? We are removing all control supports, knobs, buttons, dials, meters, scopes, boxes, calibrators, indicators, sliders, LEDs, LCDs, keyboards, wire, push buttons, switches, screens, panels, solder, and more, saving thousands of pounds of weight, vastly reducing cost, improving reliability and functionality, by installing the manifestation interface which is almost weightless. This new space technology will jump our space program far ahead, advancing it deep into the future of space travel. Once I got a handle on the new Teleportation invention tmade last week, it led to another, and another, and finally this entire new technology. It will obviously result in Space1 global wide sweeping changes and advances. As openly observed, there is no known space program or organization on this Earth with this type of widespread invisibility technology in operations. We have slipped the surly bonds of antiquity, and reached deeper into the future of space travel.

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