Friday, July 21, 2017

Space1 Rocket Control

As temperatures globally climb this summer season, weather makes it potentially hot enough to cause heat stroke while working or waiting on the launch pad in the sun, working during tests, and other conditions.

As a result, the necessity for a different type of mission and a more safe environmental is mandated.

One solution to the rocket control approach is the same solution achieved for telescopes in the 1970s, invented by Humanoido, particularly that of the Cyber Space Remote Controlled Telescope. See illustrations. This telescope used the internet for remote control of the observatory, inclusive of a domed enclosure, robot droids, oculars, CCD camera, database, star maps, spotting mode, and the telescope's positioning computer for the acquisition of celestial Messier and selected objects.

While control of the rocket can be achieved through internet by similar means, it's far more practical to use a localized form of remote control. One consideration is that of specialized radio. Radio is fully developed and can be controlled by a computer, controller or portable device app. Space1 is currently considering new space missions that use remote control.

Illustrations: Humanoido's original article described how to build a remote controlled Cyber Space web telescope. Digital image of the Moon captured by the author through the refracting GOTO telescope. One of the Cyber Space Telescope's control panels shows status for oculars, focal ratio, robot droids, zoom mode, reserve power and starmap in progress. Humanoido

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