Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Space1 Polynomial Warp Space Flight

Warping Space Flight Through Polynomial Root Equations

Want to warp your space time travel in a real course to your ship's Multiplicity Rim to gain added spectacular space tourism coverage?

A number of polynomial space flights can be defined in reference to the multiplicity of space rims. The flight trajectory can be warped by defining the real roots of the polynomial space flight equation. The graph example shows a space time bending near (-2,0).

In the charts above and below, the factor and root defines the type of space path as plotted. As seen, the four types of space path include Pass Through Space, Squiggle Pass Through Space, Bounce or Touch Space, and finally Flatter Space.

Keep in mind some forms of the polynomial factor and root result in a space time path that may backtrack towards the original path.

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