Sunday, July 9, 2017

Space1 Chaser Drones

Space1 adds ten new drones to the fleet in 2017

— primarily chaser drones —

These are all new state of the art machines with the latest technology for engaging rockets in various states of aerodynamic space flight during lift off and recovery. Designed to fly deep into the Troposphere, these space flight supporting drones carry instruments capable of measuring the atmosphere and rocket conditions. Designed to assure space flight safety and support the world's first Safety Rocket, drones engage the rocket, before, during and after flight, to assess aspects of the rocket conditions. Inspection drones look at the rocket's action and the initial flight, parameters of lift off, init flight, and recovery. Chaser Drones in the fleet also foster space flight experiments to help open up new realms of space travel. Primarily programmed and functioning as Chaser Drones, they can be modified to suit other uses.

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