Saturday, June 10, 2017

Space1 Universal Rocket Staging

Bottom darker portion of a rocket with fins designates URS stage
NASA illustrates a two stage rocket
Space1 has created a Universal Rocket Stage URS for use in a fleet of new rockets!

Space1 has invented a compatible rocket stage that attaches to all rockets in the fleet with the same dimensional diameters. The end result is a space tourism rocket adventure that reaches deeper and farther into space.

NASA Apollo stage. Space1 URS is less complicated
The end of the rocket stage is constructed to attach and mate with a standard fleet rocket. Stages fall back to the Earth and are reusable, thus saving tremendous time and
money by recycling and creating a fast rocket turn around time for the next mission.

The Universal Rocket Stage (URS) is bolted to the standard fleet rocket and transforms the rocket. The URS is a bottom ended rocket stage that attaches to the bottom of the rocket. The URS becomes the rocket's first stage and is the first to ignite and expend, falling back to the Earth. The URS also adds rocket stability with a fin structure that adds to the additional stage.
Example of a simple bottom ended rocket stage

The URS can be used in a multiple fashion to create more stages for higher and deeper flights into the troposphere and space. All URS have a pyrotechnic system installed. An explosive discharge ejects the URS from the attached stage so it can fall back to Earth. Currently Space1 is using the URS to create two stage rockets for suborbital flights tests.

Recovery of URS is a specialized task as currently all URS are free fall and have no return parachute. This allows the URS to be recovered closest to the launch site as wind carry is minimal. Stage mortality rates are considered low for the URS recovery and
Two stages added on will create a three stage rocket
the system appears to be very robust and efficient. The URS is not expensive and has become a valued component to Space1 rocket inventory. Rockets now have an additional option to fly higher and farther with the URS. Space tourism packages may base upon the travel distance into space, the same as domestic and international airline flights basing ticket costs on destination (distance). Stage or no stage, the rocket flight distance is still based on the amount of fuel consumed by the rocket engine(s).

Two simple URS rocket stages joined together and interfaced with an existing rocket will create a three stage rocket with superior capabilities. However, recovery is X3.

Letter from the owner of Space1
Space1 News Friday May 26th, 2017 - Email: We added a new stage to our rockets which will take the rocket higher and farther into space. See attached. Currently it's cheaper to manufacture this in china and have it shipped to the USA warehouse. We have one full stage in our warehouse ready for testing during the next test cycle. The plan is to add another stage to inventory asap. The actual test rocket recovery will need to be revised. It could be half way across the USA by the time it reenters the Earth's Troposphere. In the future, test rockets will need an active space return system. ASRS could be built this summer or fall, or we might come up with a new method of recovery not requiring the ASRS. Space1 has Space Planes for returns from space and is developing the new Delta Wing Flyer for gliding back to the Earth.

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Space1 Industries is a bold new space tourism venture, taking you into space in a new and revolutionary way - akin to dreams and aspirations of science fiction, made into reality. Space1 has futuristic technology and the world's first Safety Rocket to protect tourists on journeys toward new worlds!
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