Sunday, June 4, 2017

Space1 Space Grappler

Enterprise NX-01 Class Starship employed a Grappler
Industrial Grappler for scale down

Industrial grappler could grip asteroid spires


The Space1 Space Grappler is designed to anchor a star ship, rocket or space vessel to an asteroid. 

Grappler styles may vary. In particular a grappler with a magnetic head could more readily latch onto iron core asteroids.

Operating the grappler with an electrical base electro magnet may be more convenient in terms of control. A surface contact switch can activate the electro- magnetism.

Space grapplers will be scaled to the ship with a strong tether and with a selection of various grappler heads, depending on the surface conditions.

Grappler composition is carbon fiber graphite which is stronger than steel. Size is commensurate with the space craft and its payload compartment. It's possible the grapper will be embedded inside the hull. Other than the firing mechanism, more tests are needed to determine the level of control, such as velocity and vector of deployment.

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