Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Space1 Rocket Launches

Space1 is a two billion dollar + industry with a proven track record of numerous rocket launches
The history of Space1 Rocket launches is divided into several main categories

* Rocket Space Industries (1st Space Program)
* Micro Space Industries (2nd Space Program)
* Next Space Industries (3rd Space Program)
* Near Space Industries (4th Space Program)
* Deep Space Industries (5th Space Program)
* Space1 Industries (merges the above programs)

Rocket Space Industries
The number of rocket launches during the entire span of the First Space Program is approximately 5,927. The First Space Program included the launching of black powder rockets, liquid fueled rockets, water rockets under pressure, pressurized air rockets, and special potential/kinetic energy rockets (Kinematic Rockets) invented and built by Humanoido's Father.

Micro Space Industries
launches are estimated at 350. These rockets employed hydrogen oxygen fuel pressure fed, and compressed air engines.

Next Space Industries
Missions were around 300. Next Space flights primarily took place in the largest cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei. Some altitudes were gained by direct means on China megaprojects by paid ticket.

Near Space Industries
Missions were approximately 200 by contract and launch vehicles were mostly leased from China. Near Space ventures into aerospace initially gained suborbital altitudes with apogees exceeding 7 miles and included tested space navigational instruments and a space telescope. These missions and tests are ongoing.

Deep Space Industries
Missions were accomplished not with rockets but with telescopes on Earth and in Space, and is therefore not applicable in the count of rocket launches.

The number of rocket launches
This indicates a total of 6,727 rocket launches to the credit of Space1 Industries. It's expected that Space1 will ramp up the launching of rockets in the near future as a routine path to space flight is established.

Cost Analysis
The professional value of each of these launches range from $65,000.00 to $550,000. This brings the value of the Space1 program from $437,255,000.00 to $3,699,850,000.00. This is an approximate range value of 437 million to 4 billion USA dollars. The average is $2,218,500,000.00 or about 2 billion dollars.

Space1 Technologies missions
The above summations do not include Space1 rocket launches and missions from 2014 to date. This will be updated at a future date. During this time period, Space1 Technologies continued rocket missions in its Micro Space, Next Space, and Near Space divisions. The sum total additions are not calculated at this time. The number of new rocket launches and missions is estimated at another 40.

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