Friday, June 9, 2017

Space1 One Small Step Program

Space1 introduces a One Small Step program for future space tourism. Future tourism will have touring missions to planetoids, new worlds, solar system bodies and remarkable enigmas. Rather than garner a limited view through a small space rocket window, Space1 is proposing a Step Out ability program to open the door of the spacecraft and either look out or step out onto the surface of a new world.

Tourists will be allowed to take one small step out onto the surface of the new world and look around for a limited time. Taking a ground souvenir may be allowed if it meets a certain size and weight requirement and fits into a special touring bag. The value of such souvenirs may be astronomical, further adding to the value of the tourism package. In some instances, the sale of one souvenir may offset the entire cost of the tourism package.

Of course this walk around option will be significantly more expensive, requiring a rocket landing and departure, a special space suit adapted to the airless or special atmospheric environment and one that can withstand temperature variances of hundreds of degrees cold or hot. Rocket airlocks are also required and the extra function requires extra breathable oxygen. The effort for the step out program will require the retrofitting of a new Safety Rocket.

In an effort to lessen the cost, the program may include a way to simply move up the vehicle and park it on an asteroid, given the limited gravity. Then, a spacewalk will take tethered astronauts to the surface of the frozen rock.It's likely grappling hooks will tether the rocket to the asteroid as well.

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