Friday, June 16, 2017

Space1 Multi Spectral Rocket Development

Space1 is developing the Multi Spectral Rocket

Overview: Space1 is a bold new space tourism venture, taking you into space in a new and revolutionary way - akin to fantastic dreams and aspirations of science fiction, made into absolute reality.  Space1 has the world's first Safety Rocket to keep tourists safe,  exciting futuristic spacecraft and special humanoid presence.

Space1 is increasingly high tech. Only 2 months into 2017 the venture has already seen advanced humanoid and rocket computers, high tech software, space age mobile controllers, advanced humanoid robot life forms with new capabilities, and the employment of advanced machine intelligence.

Plus, Space1 has a new multi spectral rocket design capable of serving multiple purposes to include functions as a space transport rocket, cargo & supply ship, space station, service provider of the Space1 Space Telescope, scientific reconnaissance explorer class vessel, the first Holodeck, and the harbinger of the new Delta Wing Flyers. The vehicle also serves Ejectables and new adventures in Space Tourism.

Development of the Multi Spectral Rocket now includes the following:

* Supplies Transport Rocket
* Tourism Rocket
* Delta Flyers and Space Planes
* Space Station
* Space Tourist Motel/Hotel
* Space Service Provider
* Scientific Reconnaissance Explorer Class Vessel
* Star Ship with Bridge Control
* Machine Life Forms
* Hydroponics Bay
* Outpost in Space
* Supply Station for food, water, oxygen
* Refueling Station
* Master control of the Space Telescope and Astronomical Observatory
* Earth Observation Resources and Reconnaissance Surveillance Vessel

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