Thursday, June 1, 2017

Space1 Micro Space Rocket

Blueprint design MSR-01 Micro Space Rocket
Today Space1 is declassifying design blueprints for the successful 2011 MSR-01 Micro Space Rocket, and is revisiting the data. The rocket design blueprint was found in the computer data archives dating back to the origins of the Micro Space Program.

MSR was a successful rocket that had a series of launches and put a crew into space periodically. Rocket launches were scheduled in stents of 25. Overall, the reusable MSR-01 rocket had 50 successful and flawless missions. Much of this is attributed to the rocket design. This was the first Safety Rocket within the Micro Space Program. The unique MSR rocket features included a dynamic shock absorber made from simple materials and helped to cushion micronauts during lift off, reentry and recovery.

The rocket had a crew compartment large enough for several micronauts with a firm pressurization plate to shield from pressurized rocket fuel, critical during the mission. The same reusable rocket launched about 50 times.

Micronauts entered the rocket through the opened nose cone which was later closed for the launch. The first launch of the rocket MSR-01 was successfully photographed. A series of 5 photos showed liftoff. The rocket worked with engine dynamics controlling pressurized hydrogen and Oxygen fed from the fuel pressurization chamber.

The rocket with its diminutive size was successful in exploring Micro Space through numerous launches. Only tiny micronauts fit into the launch bay and crew capsule compartment. In 2011, micronauts repeatedly went into space, experiencing the g force of launch, weightless at apogee, and free fall back to the Earth. All micronauts were not harmed and were set forth after the missions and carried on their normal lives.

The rocket was dismantled and stored in Taiwan, along with the remaining Micro Space components, around the end of the Micro Space Program in the latter part of 2011. This Big Brain 2012 link describes the Micro Space Program and documents the 2011 activities from six years ago. It includes additional links.

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