Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Space1 iSobot Humanoid Telescope Repair in Space

Space1 reviews Humanoido's 2008 iSobot space project, originally posted 9 years ago, on Tuesday, February 19th, to repair a telescope in space. Such information is applicable to Space1's Tom humanoid robot for future Space1 space missions.

Space1 has a space telescope so this project is valuable to the space program for exploring autonomous humanoid robotic space telescope repairs. The original post from the Robosavvy Forum is presented here along with a photo of iSobot crawling along the telescope tube of the Meade ETX-60AT model.

News Flash!
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
on the night of the 97% waxing gibbous Moon

Brave little i-SOBOT robot space-walks along the main tube optics array
of the IST to make adjustments to the ocular section of his space telescope.

A mechanical camera clamp allows i-SOBOT to have foot-holds during work,
as he removes the ocular assembly from the eyepiece holder.

I believe this is the first humanoid astronomer to space walk along the tube
of a space telescope to initiate an autonomous repair.

Some records set during this event:
1) First humanoid astronomer
2) Smallest humanoid astronomer
3) First humanoid telescope repair
4) First humanoid space walk along a telescope
5) First humanoid scientist to adjust a telescope ocular
6) First humanoid programs created to accomplish 1 through 5


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